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The CofE and safeguarding

As I reported here and here, General Synod’s business over the weekend included several items regarding safeguarding.

In Safeguarding, the C of E and deposition from orders Frank Cranmer of Law & Religion UK summarises the contents of the new legislative package, and looks at what deposition (“defrocking”) actually means.

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Fr Alan
Fr Alan
9 years ago

An extraordinary document issued by the diocese of Europe last week. I am sincerely unsure about who benefits from this and how should the dead answer from the grave. 7th July 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Diocese in Europe and the Church of England has formally apologised for the inappropriate and abusive behaviour by a former Bishop of the Diocese in Europe, who is now deceased, and failure to follow Church of England policy, following a complaint from a priest who had served in the Diocese. The priest who wishes to remain anonymous, had alleged that in the late 1970s, when… Read more »

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