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The CofE and safeguarding

As I reported here and here, General Synod’s business over the weekend included several items regarding safeguarding.

In Safeguarding, the C of E and deposition from orders Frank Cranmer of Law & Religion UK summarises the contents of the new legislative package, and looks at what deposition (“defrocking”) actually means.

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Fr Alan
Fr Alan
5 years ago

An extraordinary document issued by the diocese of Europe last week. I am sincerely unsure about who benefits from this and how should the dead answer from the grave. 7th┬áJuly 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Diocese in Europe and the Church of England has formally apologised for the inappropriate and abusive behaviour by a former Bishop of the Diocese in Europe, who is now deceased, and failure to follow Church of England policy, following a complaint from a priest who had served in the Diocese. The priest who wishes to remain anonymous, had alleged that in the late 1970s, when… Read more »

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