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Church in Wales votes narrowly in favour of same sex marriage


The Governing Body of the Church in Wales met this week and voted on the subject of same sex marriages. As the Church Times reports:

Archbishop Morgan cautious after majority vote in favour of same-sex marriage

THE Governing Body of the Church in Wales has voted narrowly in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry in the Church. But it appears that the non-binding, advisory-only secret ballot has not produced enough votes in favour to persuade the Bishops to frame new legislation.

The vote on Thursday does not constitute a decision of the Governing Body. Instead, the results — and the two-and-a-half-hour debate that preceded the vote — will be used to guide the Province’s Bench of Bishops when it meets to discuss the issue in October.

Three options were under consideration: the first would mean no change to the Church’s current teaching and practice on marriage and partnerships; the second would allow same-sex unions to be blessed in the Church in Wales; the third would enable same-sex couples to be married in church…

Other news reports:

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A more official report is now available from this page.

Anglican Mainstream carries this report: The Church in Wales steps back from Same-Sex Marriage.

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Susannah Clark
8 years ago

Let the local church communities decide whether they want to exercise their consciences and marry/bless gay and lesbian couples.

Parishes are sensitive to their own local situations and culture. We don’t live by law alone, but by Spirit and the exercise of conscience.

The danger of top-down control of people’s consciences is that it may run contrary to the liberating intent and message of Jesus Christ.

Jeremy Pemberton
Jeremy Pemberton
8 years ago

Why foolish? There are majorities in favour – not huge certainly. But enough to suggest permissive legislation might be what people were looking for. Why, on the contrary, is it not foolish to continue to discriminate against LGBT people when a majority think you shouldn’t? And think about it, Archbishop Barry – those are the numbers now – the movement is only going in one direction!

Father Ron Smith
8 years ago

Bravo for the Welsh Vote of Confidence for Same-Sex Relationships. One small step… Yes, but a rather significant one in the scheme of things – despite the reluctance of the ABW’s reluctance to affirm it.

James Byron
James Byron
8 years ago

Archbishop of Wales: “It would be a very brave or perhaps a very foolish Bench of Bishops who were to bring the bill before the governing body at this stage.”

With friends like these …

robert ian williams
robert ian williams
8 years ago

Yet they don’t seem that afraid of allowing de facto recognition of partnered gay clergy and openly gay ordinands. If the Archbishop and the bishops respect the constitution , why are they not afraid of ignoring the canons?

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