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Post General Synod round-up

The official record of Business Done
Electronic Voting Results for the motion on the migrant crisis

There are a number of videos of Synod business here.

The December issue of InReview includes reports from Synod.

Election addresses for the Election of Chair, Vice-Chair and Two Members of the Archbishops’ Council by the House of Laity
[Read the Covering Document to see who is standing for what.]

press reports

Tim Wyatt Church Times UK is castigated for weak response to Syrian migration
The Garstang Courier Vicar made chaplain of church’s highest governing body

some blogs

Stephen Lynas
Her Majesty’s a very nice girl
Negotiations and love songs

Anderson Jeremiah
How the Church of England is trying to make itself relevant again
The Church of England’s vote to effectively back military action is a shocking mistake

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8 years ago

The support for military action is appalling. Jesus was pressed hard to become the expected leader of a military revolt but followed a life of peace, dying a painful death rather than exhorting his followers to an armed struggle.

8 years ago

How curious that in the official record of business done the only names or titles all upper-cased are those of THE ARCHBISHOPS.

James Byron
James Byron
8 years ago

Kate, as I said over at The Conversation, I can see nothing ethical in standing by on the other side and allowing innocent people to be slaughtered. If Jesus truly approved of this, then as with his belief in an imminent eschaton, Jesus was wrong.

8 years ago

Or maybe James the slaughter of innocents only happens BECAUSE we are not trusting the Lord to deal with it?

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