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February General Synod – online papers

The second circulation papers have now been added below.

Papers in the first circulation for next month’s meeting of General Synod on 15-17 February are now online here in agenda order. Here is a list in numerical order, with a note of the day scheduled for their consideration.

More papers are scheduled for release on 29 January. There appear to be rather more of these than usual. I have included below all those mentioned in the agenda, and I will add links to them in due course.

zip file of all first circulation papers
zip file of all second circulation papers
zip file of all papers

GS 1953D – Amending Canon No.34 [Monday]

GS 2011 – Agenda

GS 2012 – Appointment of the Chair of the Dioceses Commission [Monday]

GS 2013 – Report by the Business Committee [Monday]

GS 2014 – Draft Mission and Pastoral (Amendment) Measure [Monday]
GS 2014x – Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2015 – Report from the Evangelism Task Group [Tuesday]

GS 2016 – Report of the Church of England-Church of Scotland Joint Study Group [Tuesday]

GS 2017A and graph and GS 2017B – Diocesan Synod Motion: Parochial Fees [Tuesday]

GS 2018 – Proposed Enabling Measure [Tuesday]

GS 2019A and GS 2019B – Diocesan Synod Motion: Impact of Sanctions on Benefit Claimants [Wednesday]

GS 2020 – Renewal and Reform: Resourcing Ministerial Education [Wednesday]

GS 2021 – Renewal and Reform: Resourcing the Future [Wednesday]

GS 2022A and GS 2022B – Diocesan Synod Motion: Blood and Organ [contingency business]

Notice papers

Notice Paper 1
Notice Paper 2
Notice Paper 3

Other papers

GS Misc 1129 – Instructions regarding counted votes conducted by electronic means
GS Misc 1130 – The Dioceses Commission Annual Report 2015
GS Misc 1131 – House of Bishops Summary of Decisions
GS Misc 1132 – Report on the Churches Together in England 2015 Forum
GS Misc 1133 – House of Bishops Consultation on Vestments
GS Misc 1134 – Update on Archbishop’s Council activities
GS Misc 1135 – Council for Christian Unity Annual Report
GS Misc 1136 – Central Stipends Authority Annual Report
Group work membership
Group work questions [Tuesday morning]

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Susan Cooper
Susan Cooper
8 years ago

It is unusual that the Report of the Business Committee is not included in the first distribution. I always read that first to find out what is really happening!

Nicholas Henderson
Nicholas Henderson
8 years ago

I hope that GS 2016 on Tuesday is not welcomed with the usual enthusiastic uncritical support. There has been a serious snub to the Scottish Episcopal Church in what is essentially uninvited cross border intrusion into another province by the Church of England. Some very serious questions need to be asked publicly about how this came about as it looks like careless trespassing by the bigger C of E province without permission from the smaller Scottish one. Commentators in these columns are rightly critical, incensed sometimes, about cross border activities by Equatorial African provinces and their notorious intrusions into other… Read more »

8 years ago

GS 2018 remains highly problematic.

Synod should not give away its legislative power.

Anthony Archer
Anthony Archer
8 years ago

The draft Enabling Measure (GS 2018) is an entirely sensible and much needed piece of legislation, if the Church of England is going to transform and simplify itself. A few Synod hacks will oppose it, but then they oppose most things. But one thing is certain. Synod will not be giving away its legislative power. Legislation is brought to Synod by different routes now and that will continue to be the case. A draft Order under the new Enabling Measure (when promulged) can only become law once Synod has approved it. If it rejects it, it needs to go back… Read more »

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