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Church of Ireland conversations on human sexuality

The Church of Ireland’s Select Committee on Human Sexuality in the Context of Christian Belief has published a major document.

The Select Committee’s remit is to enable the listening, dialogue and learning process on all issues concerning human sexuality in the context of Christian belief to continue. The Guide to the Conversation and the Executive Summary document are initial publications to support this objective.

Guide to the Conversation on Human Sexuality in the Context of Christian Belief

There is also an Executive Summary (oddly this is a much larger PDF file than the report itself).

There is also a press release: Remarks at the Launch of the Guide to the Conversation.

Changing Attitude Ireland has published this:
Launch of ‘Guide to the Conversation on Human Sexuality in the Context of Christian Belief’.

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Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
7 years ago

‘ There was also testimony representing a very different point of view including a substantial and carefully argued submission highlighting a need to challenge an obsessively liberal viewpoint, whilst, in love and understanding it may be noted that it is “thoroughly Scriptural to regard homosexuality as essentially a form of bondage from which an individual needs to be released”. (p.49) However, it was also stated that “Preaching and teaching against those with a gay or lesbian lifestyle is seen as creating a specific tension for young people with homosexual orientation to not only be part of the Church, but also… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
7 years ago

Hurrah for the Church of Ireland. It is at least doing something about the current issue at the heart of the present controversy.

Susannah Clark
7 years ago

I regard the executive summary as very helpful, because it is rational, quite open, and focusses on the relationships between Christians with different views, and the grace needed to undertake that journey of relationship. I believe this executive summary could be considered carefully by the LGBTI mission as it seeks to frame a way forward for the Church of England. One comment I noted was: “In September 2003, the bishops of the Church of Ireland issued a pastoral letter indicating that a range of views over same-sex relationships was to be found within the Church of Ireland, and that ‘this… Read more »

Susannah Clark
7 years ago

I’d argue it needs to be challenged in action, otherwise a time comes when we are effectively complicit in our own oppression. Where are the Bishops along the ‘spectrum’ who dare to speak out? Where are the priests and PCCs who will defy, and say ‘We’ll bless gay marriages anyway, we’ll keep our priests even without a PTO, if they marry? Why isn’t there a network intent on active challenge, which would ‘call’ the Archbishops’ authority in the name of justice and conscience? The spectrum exists, theologically and experientially and in good conscience. But we continue to comply with injustice,… Read more »

Susannah Clark
7 years ago

(Concluding – post 3 of 3…) What kind of Church is this? Why are we still waiting? Why are our consciences still trampled over by an authority which ‘knows best’? Why are we still afraid to act on our own good conscience, to confront injustice by de facto action? Officially, in the proclamations of official Church spokespeople, the spectrum doesn’t exist. ‘The Church of England believes…’ Well, no it doesn’t. And we don’t have to act as if it does. But people seem to be afraid. Bishops seem afraid to speak out. Priests are afraid of losing their livings. The… Read more »

7 years ago

And can you still believe the “churches” out there in Anglican Communion world love you if you are GLBTI?

Come on. The only one who has shown love is the one kicked out without the actual courageous act of kicking out!

Simon W
Simon W
7 years ago

And here’s ACANZP’s ‘Way Forward’ report, released today (February 22nd):
See links at
and a first assessment from a well-known evangelical Anglican Kiwi blogger:

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