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David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon From the Gallery: General Synod reflections

Andrew Lightbown Reform, renewal, so many questions.
Church strategy and leadership; a critique

Philip Blackledge Well I declare. Why the Church of England Synod has got it badly wrong.

Lucy Gorman Feb 2016

Church Times reports
Gavin Drake Synod calls for benefit sanctions review
Tim Wyatt Bishop North castigates a ‘bias to the rich’
Tim Wyatt Synod votes to press on with Scottish talks, despite Episcopalian unease

Church Times leader Good news to the poor


Stephen Lynas Some are dead, and some are living

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Nathaniel Brown
Nathaniel Brown
8 years ago

Perhaps, with regard to the Church of Scotland, the C of E bishops could have some “compassionate listening” exercises, meet in secret, put the whole thing off for further study, and make sure not to involve the parties involved. After all, that’s how they’ve managed the LGBT issues. Oh, and they must consult the African bishops as well.

Father David
Father David
8 years ago

The Big Question is did the SEC jump or were they pushed out of the discussions which resulted in the Columba Declaration? From all that I have read it seems to have been the former. In which case why are they making such a hue and cry when they excluded themselves from the deliberations?

John Bunyan
John Bunyan
8 years ago

Re “Reform and Renewal in the Church of England, Martyn Percy of Christ Church Oxford has some fairly forthright criticism, on the Modern Church web-site.

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