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New member of Archbishops' Council announced

It was announced today that Adrian Greenwood will fill the place on the Archbishops’ Council vacated by Lorna Ashworth. The press release is copied below.

Procedures to fill a single casual vacancy that has arisen on the Archbishops’ Council have now been completed. Mr Adrian Greenwood has been duly elected. He joins Canon Mark Russell who continues to serve his term as the other elected lay member of the Archbishops’ Council.

In accordance with the Standing Orders relating to elections by Houses of the General Synod, the election was conducted by recounting the voting papers for the previous election from the House of Laity to the Council, which took place in February 2016. Only candidates in that election who remained qualified for election and consented to serve were eligible for election. Adrian Greenwood joins the Archbishops’ Council with immediate effect.

View the full results.

The full results from February 2016 are here.

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Father David
6 years ago

My word, that was quick. Adrian Greenwood replaced Lorna Ashworth almost as quickly as the Prime Minister replaced Michael Fallon with Gavin Williamson.
If only Lord Carlile’s Report on Bishop Bell was made public as speedily as that.

6 years ago

Agreed re: Carlile report. Before it releases that report, the CofE is getting its ducks in a row.

New communications director, tick.

New website, tick.

Something else, tick?

Am beginning to think the public won’t see the Carlile report until 2018.

6 years ago
Father Ron Smith
6 years ago

“The ‘shared conversations’ on Sexuality, Scripture and Mission are currently taking place
across the Dioceses and will report to General Synod in due course, when I will participate.”
– Adrian Greenwood –

Bearing in mind Adrian’s openness to women in the Ministry of the Church of England, one might be encouraged to think that he might be just as open to the reality of the need to accept that LGBTQI people are equally welcome to participate in each area of the life of the Church. I hope so.

Stanley Shaw
Stanley Shaw
6 years ago

The full figures on the CofE website appear to give Jayne Ozanne more votes than Mark Russell, yet he retains his seat. Would the honourable thing not be for him now to vacate his seat in favour of Jayne Ozanne? But of course, re-allocating his votes might then change everything yet again. What an odd system that gets somebody elected who, on a recount, comes third.

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