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February General Synod – outline timetable

The outline timetable for the February General Synod of the Church of England has been published today, and is copied below.

[The published timetable does not explain the asterisks against certain items, but these clearly indicate timed business, eg Questions on the Thursday will start not later than 4.00 pm.]


Thursday 8 February
1.30 pm – 5.30 pm
1.30 pm Worship
1.45 pm Introductions and welcomes
2.00 pm Report by the Business Committee
2.30 pm Discerning In Obedience: A Theological Review of the Crown Nominations Commission – Presentation under SO 107 – with questions
3.15 pm Discerning In Obedience: A Theological Review of the Crown Nominations Commission – Take note debate
*4.00 pm Questions
5.30 – 5.45 pm Evening worship
Friday 9 February
9.15 am – 1.00 pm
9.15 am Holy Communion
  Anglican Communion Matters
Address from
Anglican Communion Representatives
10.45 am Companion Links and the Anglican Communion: Debate on a motion
11.45 am Appointment of the Chair of the Appointments Committee
  Diocesan Synod Motion
Food Waste
2.30 pm – 7.00 pm
2.30 pm Presidential Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury
  Legislative Business
3.00 pm Amending Canon No. 36 (Enactment)
Amending Canon No. 37 (Enactment)
Draft Ecumenical Relations Measure (Revision)
Draft Amending Canon No. 38 (Revision)
Draft Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions Measure) (Revision)
See of Richmond – Petition for change of name to See of Kirkstall (Petition)
5.15 pm Address by a speaker from the Methodist Church
5.30 pm Mission and Ministry in Covenant: Debate on a Motion about Mission and Ministry in Covenant
7.00 – 7.15 pm Evening worship
Saturday 10 February
9.15 am – 1.00 pm
9.15 am Worship
9.30 am Safeguarding: Presentation under SO 107 – with Q&A
11.00 am Religious Communities – Debate on a Motion
12.00 pm Digital Evangelism: Presentation under SO 107 – with Q&A
2.30 pm – 4.00 pm
2.30 pm “Valuing People with Downs Syndrome” – Debate on a Motion
*4.00 pm Prorogation
Deemed Business
Church Property Measure (First Consideration)
Pensions Measure (First Consideration)
Contingency Business
DSM: Long Term Sustainability of the National Health Service

Questions Deadline: Midday, 29 January 2018

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Father David
Father David
6 years ago

Thinking about Church business, I see that at long last Lord Carlile’s report on the handling of the Bishop Bell case will be published later today. In anticipation of the imminent publication of the report a statement has been issued which claims that there was “inadequate attention to the rights of those who are dead”
Does this mean that Bishop Bell’s good name and reputation will now be restored and that those institutions which have airbrushed his name will now make reparation and reinstatement?

6 years ago

Another “take note debate,” eh?

Synod beware!

What is presented beforehand as “only a take note” motion is often described afterwards as substantive endorsement of what the report “taken note of” says.

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