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General Synod preview

The Church of England General Synod opens this afternoon. There are links to the agenda and papers here.

The Questions Notice Paper (with answers) is now available. Synod members will have the opportunity to ask supplementary questions later today.

There is an error in Questions 16 and 17; the correct text is in Notice Paper 7. There is also an error in Question 44, corrected in Notice Paper 10.

Stephen Lynas (a Synod member from Bath and Wells) previews the business: Oh, won’t you stay (just a little bit longer)?

A live video link is available here.

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6 years ago

So we have the Archbishop of York saying that the church must do more to appoint women to senior positions (Farley) while the Archbishop of Canterbury wants the Anglican Communion, much of which is hostile to even the ordination of women, to have a greater say in the appointment of his successor (ACNS), a suggestion which surely ensures no woman could be appointed.

Father David
Father David
6 years ago

Thank you for providing a live video link to the debates at the General Synod. I’ve just spent 30 minutes of my Day Off watching and listening to the proceedings and am now going to sit and watch some paint dry which I expect to be far more interesting than the goings on at Church House, Westminster.

Charles Read
Charles Read
6 years ago

What do folk think about ++Justin’s answer to question 10?

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