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Penalty announced in spiritual abuse case

The case was previously reported here.

The following notice has been published by the Diocese of Oxford:

Revd. Timothy Davis | March 2018 | Tribunal and penalty

In December 2017, the Revd Tim Davis was found guilty of conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clerk in Holy Orders through the abuse of spiritual power and authority over a person then aged 15-16.

The penalty imposed on Tim Davis was that he should cease to hold office with immediate effect, and he now stands prohibited from the exercise of holy orders for a period of two years (as announced on Saturday 10th March). Should he wish to return to ministry after the period of prohibition then he will be required to undertake a formal risk assessment.

The findings of the tribunal are instructive for anyone still doubting that spiritual abuse exists, and we commend the young man and his family for their courage and grace throughout this process. The Diocese of Oxford continues to offer pastoral support to all involved.

There is some additional information at Law & Religion UK.

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Janet Fife
Janet Fife
6 years ago

Two years doesn’t seem very long, considering the serious and protracted nature of the spiritual abuse in question.

I hope that, should Mr. Davis choose to return to ministry, he will be screened and supervised with more thoroughness than the Church has yet shown itself capable of.

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