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Jillian Duff to be next Bishop of Lancaster

Press release from Number 10

Queen approves appointment of Suffragan See of Lancaster
The Queen has approved the appointment of Reverend Dr Jillian Duff as the next Suffragan Bishop of Lancaster.

Published 13 March 2018
From: Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Reverend Dr Jillian Louise Calland Duff, MA, Director of Mellitus College, North West, to the Suffragan See of Lancaster, in the Diocese of Blackburn. Dr Jillian Duff succeeds the Right Reverend Geoffrey Seagrove Pearson, BA, on his resignation of 31 July 2017.

Dr Jillian Duff (aged 45) was born and brought up in Bolton, Lancashire. She was educated at Christ College, Cambridge and Worcester College, Oxford. After working in the oil industry, she trained for the ministry at Wycliffe Hall Oxford. Dr Duff served her title at St Philip’s, Litherland, in the Diocese of Liverpool from 2003 to 2005. From 2005 Dr Duff took up the role of Pioneer Minister, church planting in Liverpool City Centre till 2011. In 2009 Dr Duff was appointed Chaplain to Liverpool College. In 2011 she worked as IME tutor and Vocations Development Advisor in the Diocese of Liverpool. From 2012 she worked to build a partnership between the North West Bishops and St Mellitus College, London and in 2013 became the founding Director of St Mellitus College, North West, based at Liverpool Cathedral, while serving at St Paul’s Widnes.


  • Kate says:

    See, it is entirely possible to publish a blurb which concentrates only on what is relevant. In this case, I am guessing she is evangelical and I wonder what that might mean for the progressive Vicar of Lancaster.

  • Richard says:

    The diocesan announcement gives far more:

    “Hobbies: In spare time with her family Jill enjoys walking, wild camping and holidays in the fresh air with big vistas – whether sea or mountains. Jill also enjoys seeing friends; running; journaling; playing the piano for relaxation; photography and writing fun lyrics to well-known songs as the occasion demands!”

  • Janet Fife says:

    Blackburn Diocese appoints a female suffragan! Amazing. Good to see she has inner city and pioneer experience.

    And if she has any family, they haven’t been dragged into this. Good for her.

  • Benny Thomas says:

    So Kate, this is a relevant one. Age, where you studied and where you come from and all that are relevant to the job. But if someone – who is progressive and a campaigner for LGBT rights – mentions his family that have sacrificed a lot – and would suffer another move now – for his ministry, that blurb becomes irrelevant and you need to attack him!

  • Fr Andrew says:

    Benny, nobody attacked the man. The problem was the press release, which deserved the criticism.

  • Retweeted in a friend’s Twitter feed:

    ‘I’m so chuffed about Jill Duff being the next Bishop of Lancaster. She’s a brilliant, kind, spirit filled woman, who has affirmed & encouraged me in my calling. She also really understands how conflicting it can be to be a mother & a Priest. She’s going to be a belting Bishop’.

    I think ‘a belting bishop’ is my new favourite saying!

  • Benny Thomas says:

    Fr Andrew, but it is the man who approved the press realease and he wanted his family to be mentioned. All that discussion about the press release was taking place under that statement. Just one person there appreciated the man and what he brings to the job; every other comment was about the ‘family’ and the Church of England’s double standards on sexuality which is not fair to the person himself who is an inclusive Anglican. His family is important to his ministry and he thought they should be mentioned. Couldn’t you all leave it there?

  • Bill Broadhead says:

    I see Dr Duff is an evangelical who worked in the oil industry before ordination. Plus ca change?

  • Fr Andrew says:

    ‘Couldn’t you all leave it there?’

    If the person is an inclusive Anglican, then I would hope he would understand the comments on here. If he didn’t, then I’d question what being inclusive means here. However, I look forward to him using his new episcopal status to publicly demand equal marriage, equal ordination etc.

    Just to stress again, there has been no attack on individuals on this thread, just a pointing out of the implications to the oppressed of what might seem innocuous and innocent to the privileged.

    Should you be suggesting that we should stop complaining, and keep on pretending we’re not here and there’s not a problem, then no. Get used to it. We won’t stop crying out for justice and calling out injustice when we see it. Not until LGBT people have their full rights.

  • Kate says:

    ‘Couldn’t you all leave it there?’

    Then invite him to comment here to say that he meant no disrespect and that he believes in equal marriage and equal ordination. Simples.

  • ‘I see Dr Duff is an evangelical who worked in the oil industry before ordination. Plus ca change?’

    Oil industry workers are obviously the tax collectors and sinners of TA.

  • Benny Thomas says:

    Dear Fr Andrew, may I ask you who is “the privileged”? For you, this bishop designate who dragged his family in to the press release is a privileged person and you belong to the ‘oppressed’. From a mutual friend I know about him a little bit – a person of colour and of humble origin who himself has experienced discrimination on those very grounds. You will consider him to be privileged while his white, middle/upper middle class, Oxbridge educated gay friends are oppressed ones. I am gay, white, and privately/Cambridge educated; and more privileged both in the society and in the church than this gentleman who has just broken all the barriers people like us built around him.

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