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OneBodyOneFaith published this on 5 June:

We’re delighted that this film, funded by our supporters and members and featuring John Bell and Nick Bundock, has now been completed and can be viewed on our YouTube channel. As you’ll probably recall, the film arose out of John hearing about Nick’s church’s response to Lizzie Lowe’s death, and the films are a conversation between the two of them, with ideas for reflection by church groups.

Please share the films and encourage others to do so too; we want them to reach the widest possible audience because we believe they have the potential to help people move on in their journey of understanding, and to make real change. If you need more resources for study and reflection, check out some of the books in our online shop – or get in touch and we can help you identify people to talk to, speakers and other sources of support, reflecting your particular context.

Today is Lizzie’s 18th birthday. Her parents Kevin and Hilary appear briefly in the film. Notwithstanding the remarkable transformation of their church following her death, would still give anything to have their daughter back. Please remember them, and Lizzie’s siblings and many friends, today.

Part one of the film is here.
Part two is here
. Do be sure to watch both parts.

And then consider this question: So – how’s the ‘radical Christian inclusion’ coming along then?

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Laurie Roberts
Laurie Roberts
6 years ago

Is this a good place to include this from the Bishop of Cork ?

Or some other suitable thread, thank you, editors.

Father Ron Smith
6 years ago

Having viewed the contents of the 2 videos in the presentation by John Bell and Nick Bundock, I think they ought to be part of the teaching resources of every parish of Anglican Church Provinces around the world. Lizzies tragic suicide – as had been intimated here, became the ‘seed buried in the ground’ that has bloomed in a wonderful fruit of acceptance and tolerance in a middle of the road Evangelical parish in the Church of England. That there have been defectors from the Church on this issue is less important than the fact that those remaining have been… Read more »

6 years ago

“yielded consensus” – a very interesting way of dealing with disagreement

Mother Hubbard
Mother Hubbard
6 years ago

I am immensely saddened that this courageous response and action from the parents of Lizzie and the vicar leading a whole church congregation through a massive change as documented in the videos has elicited only three comments. A young life destroyed, a new way opened up to genuine full inclusion – three comments.
A new pointy hat and their hobbies, football clubs, spouses or not – 40. How utterly, utterly sad.
Revd. Nick & cogregation, John Bell & community, Kevin, Hilary and family you are beacons in a world obsessed with trivia.

Susannah Clark
6 years ago

Mother Hubbard, I will offer my thoughts, which I’ve posted here:

I am on retreat and haven’t posted here for almost 6 months, but the events detailed in this video are so sad, that I make an exception. I won’t make any further comment. My life until 2020 is about prayer and a community, to give me a chance to learn and grow. I’ll be at the Inclusive Church AGM though.

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