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York Advert

Since early last year, the Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s appointments secretaries have been placing notices in the church press inviting comments and suggestions about filling vacant diocesan bishoprics. The one for York has appeared this week, and is reproduced below.

The Telegraph and BBC picked this up yesterday, but their stories give the impression that the reporters had not actually seen a copy of the notice.

Telegraph Worshippers invited to nominate archbishop
BBC Archbishop job ad in newspapers

The Church Times carries the notice in its paper edition today, but apparently does not consider it to be a job advertisement and so has not added it to its online listing of job vacancies.

The Church of England Newspaper, the other paper to carry the notice, has not yet updated its website to include this week’s classified ads.


Following the announcement of the resignation of Dr David Hope, Archbishop of York, the See will fall vacant on the 1st March 2005. The main meeting of the Vacancy in See Committee will be held on 30th October 2004.The Crown Nominations Commission will meet on 28th February/1st March 2005 and 10th/11th May 2005.

Any person wishing to comment on the needs of the diocese, the northern province or the wider church, or who wishes to propose candidates, should write before the 12th November to

Caroline Boddington
Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments
Cowley House
9 Little College Street

or to

William Chapman
Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary
10 Downing St

Any letters received will be shared by the two Secretaries.