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Tuesday News – Overseas

As well as the UK articles on the Windsor report listed in the article below, there are hundreds more in newspapers around the world. I have linked a small selection of them below.

Do remember, when reading them, that newspapers are much more interested in gay bishops and same-sex blessings than they are in bishops who intervene in other bishops’ dioceses.

The Age (Melbourne, Australia)
Unity under pressure as Anglicans digest gay report
Anglicans chart a difficult course
Anglican report slams US over gay bishop
Anglican head welcomes Windsor report
Anglicans move to avoid split

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Sorry, says Jensen, but Anglicans are at war
Anglican report slams US over gay bishop
Anglican head welcomes Windsor report
Anglicans demand apology from US
Anglicans prefer split to false, forced unity

Kerala Next (India)
UK ; Gay supporters respond to ban on clergy
US ; Gay bishop unapologetic on same-sex blessings

The Guardian (Lagos, Nigeria)
Anglican Church demands apology over U.S. gay bishop

The Nation (Nairobi, Kenya)
Anglican Church Demands Apology Over Gay Bishop

The Standard (Nairobi, Kenya)
Anglicans deal major blow to gay priests

Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada)
Anglican prelates unrepentant

Canada.Com (Toronto, Canada)
Anglican commission’s report criticizes Canadian church over same-sex blessings

CTV (Canada)
Canadian, U.S. Anglicans criticized in report

The Boston Globe (USA)
Anglican panel seeks a halt on gay bishops

The New York Times (USA)
Church Is Rebuked Over Gay Unions and a Gay Bishop

Christian Science Monitor (Boston MA, USA)
Anglican effort to avert schism

The Washington Post (USA)
Anglicans Chide U.S. Church on Gay Bishop

Kansas City Star (USA)
Panel seeks Anglican accord (an Associated Press report)

The Post and Courier (Charleston SC, USA)
Anglican panel warns church over gay bishop

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Sarah Dylan Breuer
19 years ago

I found the headline “Gay Bishop Unapologetic for Same-Sex Blessings” to be a particularly spectacular flub, given that the article is about +Michael Ingham. Where do they get these religion reporters?

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