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CofE statistics: more

The Church Times today has an article about the church statistics previously mentioned here and on which some comments here are overdue.
Church sees an increase in its attendances

Two tables from the report are rendered as graphics:

The Church of England Newspaper also has a report:
More people now going to church

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E C Jacobson
E C Jacobson
19 years ago

How sad that such attendence figures would be considered ‘good news.’ In a country of 60 million souls, the Church of England has a footprint of 910,000. Yet if we consider it sad, we must also realize that it is inevitable. Like every church infected with the virus of liberal theology, the CoE is dying a long, slow, suffocating death. We have only to look around us, and we will see the bleached bones of its colleagues scattered across the field. It is a Law that cannot be escaped – Liberal churches die. And the CoE is a long ways… Read more »

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