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Bishop of Dover to retire in May 2019

The Diocese of Canterbury has announced that the Bishop of Dover will retire in May 2019.

Bishop of Dover announces retirement

The Rt Revd Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover and Bishop in Canterbury, has announced his intention to retire in May 2019. He has served in this role since February 2010, taking on additional responsibilities for the Channel Islands in 2014. Bishop Trevor will conclude his public ministry on 12 May at Canterbury Cathedral…

The Bishop of Dover exercises most of the functions of his diocesan bishop, allowing the Archbishop of Canterbury to concentrate on other things.

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Father David
Father David
5 years ago

Does the Bishop of Dover still exercise episcopal oversight in the Channel Islands or has that little local difficulty all been sorted out and are Jersey and Guernsey now safely back in the bosom of the Bishop of Winchester?
As Friday is my day off, I’m off to Paddy Powers to put a fiver on the next Bishop of Dover being female.

Will Richards
Will Richards
Reply to  Father David
5 years ago

If I were you, Fr David, I would put more – a lot more – than a fiver on +Trevor’s successor being female. Ditto whoever succeeds Robert Willis as Dean of Canterbury. Whoever Trevor’s successor is, she will need to be resilient. Very resilient. This is a suffragan’s job sine qua non – with an emphasis on the ‘non.’

vivien amos
vivien amos
5 years ago

With reference to the migrants crossing the channel it’s their choice to come here and risk their lives when they could stay and be looked after in one of the countries they travelled through!!

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