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Bishop of Reading announces her retirement

The Bishop of Reading, the Rt Revd Olivia Graham, has announced she will retire later this year, on 30 September.

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God 'elp us all
God 'elp us all
4 months ago

It is sad that this announcement of +Olivia’s retirement is likely to be subsumed below a substantial amount of verbal ordure in relation to her former colleagues in Oxford Diocese namely + Helen-Ann and the nearly right reverend Paula, Bishop of London, to say nothing of the erstwhile Dean of Christchurch, rightly revered by many, reviled by others. I hope that those who are sad to see +Olivia’s retirement will find time to write. Meanwhile another opportunity for the Dioceses Commission to consider the inordinate growth, in any measure, of the number of Bishops, if they will and as they… Read more »

David G
David G
Reply to  God 'elp us all
4 months ago

Blessed is the one who lays down their friend’s life instead of their own. Sadly, Bishop Olivia sided with the Diocesan lawyers, officers and senior clergy that had set out to destroy the erstwhile Dean of Christ Church. Despite her having copies of the falsified Risk Assessments by those weaponising safeguarding allegations against Dr. Percy, and plenty of emails showing diocesan lawyers were planting false stories with the media to try and destroy the Dean, +Olivia managed to maintain that nobody had done anything wrong, and duly reported that conclusion to Diocesan Synod. So confident of this verdict being received… Read more »

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