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Press release from Number 10

Suffragan Bishop of Stafford: 10 September 2020
The Queen has approved the nomination of The Venerable Matthew John Parker to the Suffragan See of Stafford.

Published 24 September 2020
From: Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Venerable Matthew John Parker BA MA, Archdeacon of Stoke-upon-Trent in the diocese of Lichfield to the Suffragan See of Stafford, in the diocese of Lichfield, in succession to the Right Reverend Geoffrey Peter Annas who retired last year.

Matthew was educated at the University of Manchester and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and trained for ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He served his title at St Mary the Virgin, Twickenham in the diocese of London and was ordained Priest in 1989.

In 1991, Matthew was appointed Curate of St George, Stockport and Chaplain of Stockport Grammar School in the diocese of Chester. In 1993, Matthew moved to St Mark’s Edgeley as Priest-in-Charge and in 1994 became Team Vicar in the Stockport South West Team Ministry.

In 2000, Matthew was appointed Team Rector of Leek and Meerbrook Team Ministry in the diocese of Lichfield and in 2007 was additionally appointed Rural Dean of Leek. In 2013, Matthew took up his current role as Archdeacon of Stoke-upon-Trent in the diocese of Lichfield.

There are more details on the Lichfield diocesan website.

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Fr. Dean Henley
Fr. Dean Henley
3 years ago

Good to see the appointment of someone with solid parish experience.

Stanley Monkhouse
Reply to  Fr. Dean Henley
3 years ago

Matthew was/is a good solid Archdeacon who worked in that role with his now retired predecessor – someone else with solid parish experience. It’s worth noting that the Stafford episcopal area, the Stoke Archdeaconry, is bigger in area and population than some dioceses.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stanley Monkhouse
Chris Routledge
Chris Routledge
Reply to  Stanley Monkhouse
3 years ago

As an incumbent in Matthew’s archdeaconry, he has been an excellent support in all sorts of ways, including during the pandemic. I for one am delighted that we will continue to benefit from his skills and experience in a new way.

Bill Broadhead
Bill Broadhead
3 years ago

I don’t know Archdeacon Parker so can only assume that this is a welcome appointment (on the basis of two comments). But, from what I heard being mumbled and whispered on the fringes of last Friday’s York consecrations, Lichfield Diocese had better make hay while the sun shines as far as episcopal appointments is concerned. It would seem that contingencies are being put in place not to fill vacant sees as part of a money-saving policy. If one bishop is to be believed, letters are being sent out to ascertain the likely retirement date of bishops of a certain age… Read more »

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