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Briefing paper on the House of Bishops transgender pastoral guidance

The General Synod Human Sexuality Group has issued a briefing paper for synod members, which has been produced by Christina Beardsley & Susan Gilchrist.

Inclusive Cburch has published it here: A briefing paper on the House of Bishops’ Pastoral Guidance on using the Affirmation of Baptismal Faith with transgender people.

Another copy is available in PDF format here.

And there is an associated reading list.

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Susannah Clark
5 years ago

A very helpful and well-informed briefing paper. The only thing I might have added is some acknowledgement that there can be pastoral complexity at the local church level. For example, if a person begins transition, and that involves the break up of a marriage where the other partner is also a member of that local church, clearly the same service that would be incredibly helpful and affirming to the trans person might also be experienced as deeply shaming, publicly embarrassing, and grievous to a partner who never signed up for a same-sex relationship and does not have that sexual orientation.… Read more »

5 years ago

Very poor, and I say that as someone directly affected.I could write hundreds of words to explain but briefly they have fluffed the theology.

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
5 years ago

I really wish the church would enact a moratorium with regard to conversations on human sexuality. The level of superstition is embarrassing really. One may as well consult the Delphic oracle or goat’s entrails.

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