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CofE Briefing Paper on COVID-19

This paper, dated 31 March, has been circulated to at least some clergy by their diocesan bishops. The authors are listed as

Rt Revd Dr Michael Beasley
Revd Prof Gina Radford
Revd Dr Brendan McCarthy

COVID_19_Scientific_and Medical_Background_Briefing_Paper

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Rowland Wateridge
Rowland Wateridge
4 years ago

According to Wikipedia Bishop Michael Beasley is an epidemiologist; the Government website tells us (as some here must have already known) that Professor Gina Radford was Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England 2015-2019; Dr McCarthy’s CV has been discussed on the previous TA thread. I cannot comment (in the sense of not being competent to) on their collective expertise; it is interesting that they are all ordained priests, but I found their paper to be about the best, clearly-presented and most lucid material that has emerged so far from the C of E – and most other sources, it has… Read more »

Bernard Silverman
Bernard Silverman
Reply to  Rowland Wateridge
4 years ago

Yes, I agree. I am not sure about the “earthquake” analogy, however. The shock waves of an earthquake are felt less strongly as you get further away. Unless the transmission rate is reduced to the point that there is no spread at all, the effects of an epidemic will magnify everywhere.

Father Ron Smith
Reply to  Bernard Silverman
4 years ago

Having, personally, experienced being bombed in Coventry in WW2; living in Christchurch during the devastating earthquakes here not so long ago and with the current COVID 19 situation; I agree that there is a level of unpreparedness that is more than merely unsettling. However, having viewed a video of the Queen’s Speech to the Nation on FB this morning, I realize that – whatever the conflict and wherever in the world it occurs – we are ALL in this together. “Whether we are here or there (Paradise), we belong to The Lord. Blessed be the Name of The Lord!” WE… Read more »

Susannah Clark
4 years ago

Friends, this evening I hope we may join as a whole church to pray for our leader, Boris Johnson.

peterpi -- Peter Gross
peterpi -- Peter Gross
4 years ago

As a Yank, I just want to say to all British readers of this website:
God save the Queen! Her speech was magnanimous and uplifting.
And God look over, and speed the recovery of, Prime Minister Johnson.

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