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Disruption to service

Thinking Anglicans is being moved to a new server. Unfortunately this has proved more complicated than expected and the changes have been temporarily backed out. I think that the state of comments has been restored, but I apologise if a comment has been lost in the process.

Updated Thursday evening: The move has now been completed, and if you are seeing this message then you are seeing us on our new server.

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Father Ron Smith
3 years ago

Thank you, Simon (and others of you at the coal-face of Thinking Anglicans.) for your continuing service to the Anglican Church around the world by the perpetuation of this valuable blog!

Anne Lee
Anne Lee
3 years ago

Hear Hear!

Malcolm Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
3 years ago

Oh Good!. I was wondering why I was seeing a picture of vegetables when I clicked on my bookmark. But I found the site elsewhere and updated the bookmark, so all is well again.
Thanks from me too for all your invaluable work.

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