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General Synod – day 3 – Sunday 7 July 2019

Updated Monday morning

General Synod members attended the 10 am Sung Eucharist at York Minster, where the Archbishop of Canterbury preached this sermon.

Order Paper 3 – Sunday 7 July afternoon – details of the day’s business

Press releases from the Church of England about items from today’s business

Presentation from lead safeguarding bishop, Peter Hancock

Synod backs further steps towards communion with the Methodist Church

News reports

Laura FitzPatrick The Telegraph Contactless collection plates used in York Minster for the first time

John Blow Yorkshire Post Archbishop of York attends his last General Synod in the city

Madeleine Davies, Tim Wyatt and Adam Becket Church Times Bishop Hancock challenges the Synod on safeguarding

Christian Today Church of England has a ‘long way still to travel’ on safeguarding

Madeleine Davies, Tim Wyatt and Adam Becket Church Times Division over Anglican-Methodist plan prompts Synod to decelerate process

Christian Today Church of England moves towards communion with the Methodist Church

Synod members’ blogs

Andrew Nunn Cautious steps

Stephen Lynas bathwellschap Together we can make it happen; wait and see

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Tim Chesterton
4 years ago

Not on topic, but in case anyone on Thinking Anglicans is interested, a very significant General Synod is about to begin in Canada. We only do this once every three years, so a lot gets packed into one week. Election of a new primate, second reading of the motion to amend the marriage canon to allow for same-sex marriages, legislation to move toward the establishment of a self-determining indigenous church within the Anglican Church of Canada – these are just a few of the agenda items. Check it out at

Simon Sarmiento
Reply to  Tim Chesterton
4 years ago

Thank you Tim, we’ll try to report on it in a separate article later this week.

Tim Chesterton
Reply to  Simon Sarmiento
4 years ago
Richard W. Symonds
4 years ago

These are ‘buds of hope’ from the Bishop of Coventry as Chair of the Living in Love and Faith Coordinating Group on behalf of the Chair of the House of Bishops – replying to Question 94: “The purpose of the Living in Love and Faith [LLF] resources is primarily educational: the plan is for the resources to be widely used by parishes, deaneries, dioceses, the House and College of Bishops and members of General Synod to enable teaching and learning. In this way LLF will demonstrate it is learning from the IICSA process by promoting a culture of mutual respect,… Read more »

Michael Mulhern
Michael Mulhern
4 years ago

“The crisis we know we face, the crisis of which I am speaking, is not the decision to leave the European Union, this is not about Brexit” says the Archbishop in his sermon in York Minster, desperate not to upset the Brexiteers in the pews and in his own Curia. If ever there was an ostrich with his head in the sand, here he is. Safeguarding, sexuality, the political toxicity that is making this country an ugly self-caricature of itself… the list goes on. How can you heal if you cannot be trusted to accurately diagnose the malaise? Can you… Read more »

Richard W. Symonds
Reply to  Michael Mulhern
4 years ago

On Sunday, the following preamble and question [below] – Q95 – was presented by David Lamming (St Edmundsbury & Ipswich). It is worth re-reading to fully understand the importance of resolving this issue. It is also worth noting the question was not answered. ‘In his written answer to my question in February 2019 – asking whether the House of Bishops had considered encouraging the Archbishop of Canterbury to revisit the judgement he expressed on 15 December 2015 [on publication of the Carlile Review] that a “significant cloud is left over Bishop Bell’s name”, particularly in view of the Briden Report… Read more »

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