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General Synod elections 2021 – candidates’ election addresses

Elections to General Synod are currently taking place. I have posted links to the election addresses of candidates here. This includes all the dioceses and special constituencies except for some where candidates were unopposed. The only exception is the Armed Forces Synod whose members are to be “elected or chosen … in such manner as may be determined by the Armed Forces Synod”. I have been unable to find anything online about how this being done.

In addition to election addresses some dioceses have produced videos of the candidates and/or held hustings or question and answer sessions which are available online.

If anybody wants to download any of this material for future reference they are advised to do so in the next few days. If 2015 is any guide some dioceses will remove election addresses from their websites immediately after voting closes on 8 October.

I am also compiling a list of the members of the new synod here.

Additions and corrections to either list can be emailed to me here.

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Susannah Clark
2 years ago

Scanning through many of these, with quite a few of them, it’s what they don’t say, rather than what they do say.

Andrew Godsall
Andrew Godsall
2 years ago

I find myself appalled, amused and disturbed in equal measure by the advice that has been offered by CEEC/EGGS.

Simon Bravery
Simon Bravery
2 years ago

Coventry has asked all candidates the same six questions, including about LLF and same sex marriage,

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