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General Synod Questions

The Questions (and Answers) for this weekend’s meeting of the Church of England’s General Synod were published today. The Question sessions (on Friday and Saturday evenings) will be devoted to supplementary questions.

Questions Notice Paper July 2022
Questions Notice Paper Annex – Q168


The original version of the Questions Notice Paper contained a number of errors (listed in Notice Paper 11) and has been replaced (at the same URL) by a corrected version.

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Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
1 year ago

A couple of questions – Q26/68 address issues with Canon C4. The best way for Synod members to achieve substantive discussion of these issues (which have evolved based on a scheme devised in the 1960s – I believe – which is now far from fit for purpose) is to sign my Private Members Motion, which, in its original form, addressed Canon C4 directly, but is now more widely drawn (thanks to advice received) to encompass the whole context in which decisions are made and the whole framework within which authority is given. But Canon C4 is the one in view… Read more »

Helen King
Helen King
Reply to  Mark Bennet
1 year ago

Mark, on Saturday Via Media will be featuring a post by Sorrel Shamel-Wood on her experience with this…

Susannah Clark
1 year ago

The whole way these General Synod questions operate, makes it too easy for questioners to be fobbed off. Why should there only be very limited follow up? The answer, of course, is time… which plays into the hands of people trying to control their agenda. This is why I believe there should be a more open, and open-ended, process of questions. This could be achieved by having a web interface / forum for qualified members, where these questions can be followed up further, and the discourse observed, with right of other members to engage as well (maybe up to a… Read more »

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