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General Synod questions

Updated Monday

The Church of England’s General Synod will have its usual question and answer session on Monday afternoon next week. The questions, and answers, have been published today (see links below). These will not be read out at Synod and the session will be devoted to supplementary questions.

Questions Notice Paper
Question 18
Question 91
Question 92
Question 105
Question 106
Question 108

Update: A list of errata has been published.

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Bill Broadhead
Bill Broadhead
4 years ago

Interesting to see that the neo-puritans are trying to use the sacraments as a weapon to exclude and punish, rather than as a means of grace to heal and restore. Thank God for Canon B16 and the right of excommunication being reserved to the Bishop. Otherwise, I think we would see quite a lot of angry scapegoating, if not witch-hunts in some parishes.

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