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General Synod Questions – November 2022

From time to time members of the Church of England’s General Synod are given the opportunity to ask questions for written answer between sessions. The most recent such questions and answers were released last week and are now available online.

Questions Notice Paper November 2022

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1 year ago

“The ISB does not form part of the constitutional structure of the Church of England. In its initial phase (phase one) it comprises three individuals who are engaged to provide services to the Archbishops’ Council, acting not as its agents but as independent service providers at arms-length. ” They really do get into a tangle anytime they try to talk about the status of ISB. I can’t conceive of any way in which members of ISB are not agents of the Archbishops’ Council. (They may also be employees in certain contexts as the work delegated to them is to be… Read more »

Reply to  Kate
1 year ago

I am also confused because I thought it had been decided that the Archbishops’ Council is the Data Controller? If the members of ISB are not agents but are arms length independent service providers, why are they operating under the auspices of the Archbishops’Council as Data Controller rather than being the Data Controller themselves?

Malcolm Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
1 year ago

I think that it is time that they called a spade a spade and referred to it as the Dependent Safeguarding Board, as any pretence to the contrary is long since shot through.

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