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General Synod – Tuesday

Order paper of the day

The main business of the morning was the Report of the Cathedrals Working Group (GS2101A and GS2101B). Synod passed this motion:

That this Synod:
(a) welcome the recommendations in the Report of the Cathedrals Working Group (GS 2101A);
(b) request the Archbishops’ Council to bring forward a draft Measure for First Consideration at the July 2019 group of sessions to give effect to the recommendations that involve legislative change; and
(c) call on all concerned, including bishops, cathedrals and the National Church Institutions, to give effect to the recommendations that do not involve legislative change as soon as practically possible.

The date in paragraph (b) had been amended by Synod from February 2019 to allow more time to decide what should be in the draft measure. There was criticism particularly of the proposal in the report for there to be a vice-chair of the chapter to be appointed by the bishop.

Official press release: Church of England approves ideas to support and streamline England’s cathedrals

Stephen Lynas reports on the final day’s business: The Can(n)on’s thunder can’t prevail.

Press report

Church Times General Synod welcomes cathedrals reform but plays for time


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Neil Patterson
Neil Patterson
5 years ago

The official press release omits to mention that the original motion called for legislation to be introduced in February, but Synod (including, in all fairness, the Bishop of Worcester and 3rd C.E.Commissioner) accepted my amendment delaying until July, on the basis that more consultation and ecclesiological work was needed

David Lamming
David Lamming
5 years ago

Perhaps obvious, but the date for bringing draft legislation to the Synod was amended to July 2019 from February 2019 (not 2018).

Fixed (again!) Ed.

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