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Living in Love and Faith and the Pastoral Advisory Group present to synod

GS Misc 1200 is the document prepared for the synod session on Thursday afternoon, for which the Agenda item reads:

Not later than 5.30 p.m
Presentation under SO 107.
Note: The Business Committee has determined under SO 107(3) that this presentation should include an opportunity for questions.

GS Misc 1200 starts thus:

This paper summarises developments regarding the Living in Love and Faith project and the work of the Pastoral Advisory Group. It includes an account of some of the key activities that the work has involved, the emerging shape of the groups’ next steps and how these relate to finding a way forward for the Church in matters relating to human identity, sexuality and marriage.

The paper introduces two key pieces of work, namely the ‘Living in Love and Faith Learning Outcomes’ and ‘Held Together in the Love of Christ: Pastoral Principles for Living Well Together’ produced by the Pastoral Advisory group. A series of fringe sessions are introduced that offer informal engagement with individuals who are members of LLF or PAG as well as members of General Synod…

The text of the Pastoral Principles start on page 8 of the document. A separate copy of them is available over here. TA readers are invited to read and comment on them.

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Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
5 years ago

I find the contrast between “digital resources” and “in depth resources” profoundly disturbing. One of our great missional challenges as a church is to engage with the digital resources people use and understand how these can nurture deep encounter with God. After all, God so loved the world that it wasn’t a book or a scholarly paper which came, but Jesus in profound encounter – books as we know them today didn’t exist when Jesus walked the earth. The old children’s song “Tell me the stories of Jesus” has something important right because the words aren’t “Read me the stories… Read more »

Susannah Clark
5 years ago

Meanwhile, listening to actual gay and lesbian Christians, which is an essential part of this Project, it is so easy to see (as Jayne’s survey flags up, that most gay Christians really don’t find efforts to ‘convert’ them or deny them helpful at all. This BBC news video this morning, also listening to gay and lesbian Christians, is moving and food for thought:

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