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LLF Next Steps Group meeting on 3 March 2023

Press release from the Church of England

LLF Next Steps Group meeting on 3 March 2023

The meeting appraised and reviewed the outcomes of the Living in Love and Faith debate and motion passed at General Synod in February and considered the scope of work required between now and the next General Synod in July 2023.

The Next Steps Group then considered and refined the agenda of the forthcoming College of Bishops meeting at the end of March. They noted that it will be important for the bishops to listen to the feedback from General Synod, the response of the wider church to the decisions made, as well as to each other’s reflections before moving on to the consider how the work of drafting the Pastoral Guidance, providing pastoral reassurance, refining the Prayers of Love and Faith and establishing the Pastoral Consultative Group will be taken forward.

With the remit of the Next Steps group now having reached its conclusion, the bishops went on to discuss the necessary phases of work after the March College of Bishops and the composition of the working groups that will take forward the work that will need to be done for the July Synod.

The meeting ended in prayer.

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Susannah Clark
1 year ago

“With the remit of the Next Steps group now having reached its conclusion…” Mmm, okay. Where does that leave trans people? In the Next Steps group meeting on 20th December 2021, we were told: “Gender identity and transition A group of Next Steps members had met with a group of trans people. In the light of this discussion, the group has agreed to work with trans people to produce resources about good practice in the pastoral care of trans and gender fluid people. It also agreed to add further resources to the LLF online library.” As I understand it, a… Read more »

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