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Post Synod roundup


Here are a few online articles relating to last week’s meeting of the Church of England General Synod.

Business Done [the official summary of business]
Video recordings of all the Synod sessions are available to watch on YouTube.

Tim Hind Open Synod Group report of proceedings

Church Times General Synod highlights [12 minute podcast]
Subscribers can read the detailed reports of all Synod debates here.

The Tablet CofE synod commits to ambitious green targets

David Pocklington Law & Religion UK “Public health funerals” and “direct cremation” – an update

The rules and related items for the forthcoming General Synod elections are here.

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Jayne Ozanne
Jayne Ozanne
4 years ago

Church Times: “The General Synod debated the timetable and impact of the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) discussion, on Tuesday afternoon.”

Er, no we didn’t. More’s the pity!

4 years ago

One nugget in the Open Synod Group report is that a year of reflection is planned after Living in Love and Faith is published.

(I guess then there will be a further period of deliberation deciding what to do. More procrastination in other words.)

Susannah Clark
Reply to  Kate
4 years ago

Let’s wait and see what local churches think about that 😉 After all, they ARE the Church. I’ve been fact-checking 500 inclusive churches this week, visiting every website, studying each one’s ethos and service to the community. It is inspiring. What an amazing Church we have out in the grassroots on the front line. I am deeply moved. Yes, of course, people at the very top seek to control process and put off doctrinal change. Process is used to try to do that. That’s why process must be disrupted. The formal doctrine of the Church of England – and its… Read more »

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