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Reactions to the CofE anti-racism task force report

Updated 29 April and 2 May and 6 May

Although there has been extensive media coverage of the recent report, aided by the recent BBC television documentary, there has been relatively little commentary on the content. Here is a small selection:

Church Times Leader comment: Welcomed to the table at last?

Jonathan Jong On ‘From Lament to Action’: the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce Report

Diocese in Europe Racial Justice: “From Lament To Action”

Telegraph Calvin Robinson The Church of England is institutionally woke

Archbishop Cranmer From Lament To Action: the report of the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce


Nicholas Adams Lament and Action

Al Barrett #LamentToAction: making the invisible, visible

Mike Higton Theological Education in ‘From Lament to Action’

Ian Paul How should the Church respond to race?

Mike Higton (again) How should the church respond to race? – A reply to Ian Paul – kai euthus

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Jonathan Jamal
Jonathan Jamal
2 years ago

One thought that comes to me reading the Reports about the Anti-Racism Task Force Report that has recently been unveiled in the Church of England, I wonder what implications this will will have for the future Training of Ordinands in the Church of England, Will training in Racism awareness at some stage of Priestly formation in Theological Colleges, form a great part of the Curriculum, along with things like Safeguarding? I also wonder when candidates for ordination go along for selection Conferences, they will be tested on Racism awareness as part of their suitability for training and Ordination? Also in… Read more »

Stanley Monkhouse
Reply to  Jonathan Jamal
2 years ago

I’m reminded of fashions in medical education. Within my student and working lifetime we went from the predominance of medical science – facts – to its dilution and almost extinction as it was displaced by social science, psychology, educational theory, and a plethora of soft stuff that is at best opinion and at worst kooky. Then came the panic. In the 90s and 00s it was realised that newly qualified doctors were ignorant of science necessary for diagnostic purposes, some, for example, unable to identify the carpal bones on a wrist radiograph. Knickers up, knickers down, knickers up again. And… Read more »

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