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Opinions on Mary

This weekend, there is no shortage of columns expressing Anglican views on the recently published ARCIC statement:
Peter Carnley preached this sermon in Seattle at the launch of the statement
Harriet Harris, chaplain of Wadham College, Oxford wrote this analysis in the Church of England Newspaper
Nicholas Sagovsky, Canon of Westminster, and commission member wrote this article in the Tablet
And the Church Times opinion was expressed in this leader

From the Roman Catholic side:
John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter interviewed Archbishop Brunett
Sarah Jane Boss of the University of Wales, Lampeter, wrote this article in the Tablet
And the editorial opinion of the Tablet is here

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18 years ago

Thanks for this.

What I would like is some way of getting my hands on a copy of the document! Pretty difficult when I’m in Australia and no booksellers (including online) have it in stock! Do we go back to the ‘old days’ when books ordered from Europe had to be ‘indented’ and would take 3-6 months to arrive?

stephen bates
stephen bates
18 years ago

Brian: My understanding is that, unfortunately from your point of view, publication rights to the Mary statement have been sold to the publisher Continuum (good job the early Church didn’t do this with the Bible!) so it will only be available on sale for the next month, before being made available through other means.

Graham Kings
18 years ago

Would it have been helpful if ARCIC had published a list such as the following in an appendix? This is from a Catholic Academic site giving the apocryphal sources of Marian devotion:

For the home page see

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