Thinking Anglicans

Opinion – 6 July 2022

Simon Jenkins Ship of Fools On holiday with the Lord

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love LLF – Next Step Group bishops to hold meetings with interested groups

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Wymondham Abbey Developments. Vicar resigns


Opinion – 2 July 2022

Helen King ViaMedia.News “Sickened by our own Magnanimity?”: Good Disagreement, Bad Ecclesiology

Jo Stobart ViaMedia.News Gatecrashing God’s Party: Parish Ministry Today

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Testimony of Witnesses. How do we find the Truth in Safeguarding Cases?


Opinion – 25 June 2022

Andrew Nunn Church Times Living in Love and Faith is important — but the Church has to move forward

Paul Middleton ViaMedia.News Living in Love and Faith? Insights from the Church of Scotland


Opinion – 22 June 2022

Jonathan Chaplin Fulcrum ‘Staying in the room where it happens’? A response to Lucy Winkett’s defence of establishment
This is in response to this article from a few weeks ago.
Lucy Winkett Church Times Platinum Jubilee: The privilege of establishment must be seized

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church How three Revolutionary Events changed the CofE for ever

Capel Lofft The Critic The closing of the Episcopal mind
“The Church of England’s leaders don’t reflect its political diversity”

Alex Frost ViaMedia.News Clearing the Slate: The Realities of a Declining Church

Helen King sharedconversations Clouds without rain: trying to explore fear


Opinion – 18 June 2022

Giles Fraser UnHerd Will bishops stop the Rwanda plan?

Sharon Jagger ViaMedia.News Time for the Church to Take Transparency Seriously

Rosie Harper ViaMedia.News Bishops Speaking Out: So Very Right and So Very Wrong


Opinion – 15 June 2022

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Allegations of Bullying and Financial Mismanagement in Scotland

Fergus Butler-Gallie The Spectator In defence of meddlesome priests

Ephraim Radner The Living Church Is there a Rationale for the Anclican Communion?


Opinion – 11 June 2022

Annika Mathews ViaMedia.News Young Adults – The Missing Generation?

Pete White Church Times Youth ministry needs long-term investment
“The C of E’s plans to ‘grow younger’ will falter without funding to train specialists”


Opinion – 8 June 2022

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Three Questions for Christ Church and the Diocese of Oxford

Sophie Grace Chappell ViaMedia.News Arguing with a Madman? Cranks, Trolls, Consistency, and ‘Come off it’

Jonathan Chaplin Law & Religion UK Should the Church of England be disestablished?

Nineveh Safeguarding in Nineveh
A Critique of the proposals of the Independent Safeguarding Board


Opinion – 4 June 2022

Giles Fraser UnHerd The injustice of the Jubilee

Janet Fife Surviving Church Preaching Hell and Damnation

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Pageants, Progress & People – The End of an Era?

The Archbishop of York Sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Opinion – 1 June 2022

Judith Maltby ViaMedia.News Hanging in Love and Faith

Anonymous Save The Parish A Forced Change to HTB

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Unknowing God

Ian Paul Psephizo The Church of England, money, people, and mission


Opinion – 28 May 2022

Augustine Tanner-Ihm ViaMedia.News Sharing in Privilege: Black and Collared

Philip Goff Church Times Platinum Jubilee: The way we wore

Robert Thompson ViaMedia.News ‘Resource Churches’: When Planting Becomes Colonialism


Martyn Percy: is the Church of England Orwellian?

Martyn Percy has written three articles which Modern Church has published.

“In three short articles, Martyn Percy looks at three words currently being given the full 1984 treatment: independent, ethical and trustworthy.  Is the Church of England using these words as defined by most dictionaries in 2022? Or, are we now enmeshed in an Orwellian church in which little that is said corresponds to our normal frames of reference?”


Opinion – 25 May 2022

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Interim Support Scheme

Archbishop Cranmer
The Sue Gray Report is about as independent as a Church of England independent inquiry
Christ Church ‘victim’ Alannah Jeune inadvertently corroborates that Martyn Percy is the real victim of a gross injustice

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church
Reflections on Leadership in the Church of England
Independent/ Third-Party Investigations of Safeguarding in England and America


Opinion – 21 May 2022

Kat Campion-Spall ViaMedia.News When is a Week not a Week?

Philip Jones Ecclesiastical Law A Decade of the Faculty Jurisdiction

Fergus Butler-Gallie Church Times My worship alongside a sexified fox
“Churches are toying with virtual-reality worship. Fergus Butler-Gallie tries it”

Ruth Harley ViaMedia.News Clericalist Individualism? Power, Abuse and Transformation


Opinion – 18 May 2022

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones ViaMedia.News Being a Gay Christian and an Ordinand in the Church in Wales

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love The dangerous theology of Ian Paul

LGBTQ Faith UK Party like it’s 1753. (The Power of Love)

Daniel French Save The Parish Let Bishops be Bishops

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Listening to Sermons. A critical perspective


Opinion – 14 May 2022

April Alexander ViaMedia.News Women Bishops: The Legacy of Baroness Howe of Idlicote (8 February 1932-22 March 2022)

Giles Fraser UnHerd How the Church attacks its own
“Bishops are presiding over a climate of fear”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Surviving Church and the World of Ecclesiastical Politics

Helen King sharedconversations Me and Christ Church: beauty and truth

Jeremy Morris Ad fontes On not leaving the Church of England


Opinion – 11 May 2022

Martyn Percy Prospect Why I’m leaving the Church of England
“Mired in allegations of partisanship and incompetence, the Church is now incapable of running its own affairs. After a series of farcical “safeguarding” claims, the former dean of Christ Church, Oxford, no longer feels he belongs”
[This is covered as a news item in The Guardian and Church Times.]

Archbishop Cranmer Bishop of Oxford instructs lawyers to censor Archbishop Cranmer

Diocese of Oxford Dr Martyn Percy has announced he is to leave the Church of England

Felicity Cooke ViaMedia.News Leading, Following, or Forgetting? The Church and the World


Opinion – 7 May 2022

Christopher Yoder The Living Church The Scouring of the White Horse

Andrew Graystone Church Times ‘Re-dressing’ victims’ wounds

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Post Traumatic Church Induced Stress (PTCIS) Is it a Problem?


Opinion – 4 May 2022

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Music in Worship: Questions that need to be asked.

Amy Kenny Earth & Altar Celebrating the Wheelchair: an excerpt from My Body is not a Prayer Request

Mark Chapman ViaMedia.News It’s Not Just About the Bible

Peter Webster Webstory Michael Ramsey and the Lambeth Conference


Opinion – 30 April 2022

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Safeguarding and the Search for Independence

Stephanie Pywell ViaMedia.News To Love and to Cherish… According to our Beliefs and Lifestyles

Richard Scorer The Free Thinker Child Protection and Religious Freedom