Thinking Anglicans

Opinion – 6 June 2020

James Gilder All Things Lawful And Honest A Church for All
“Want a Church for all? Be prepared to engage with the nitty-gritty.”

Peter Leonard ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to Pretending!

Danny Pegg A New Beginning or a Curate’s Egg?
“A local and national reflection on the Church of England during the time of Coronavirus”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Clergy Discipline Measure. Time for Replacement?


Opinion – 3 June 2020

Alison Webster ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to not Caring about Care

Russell Dewhurst All Things Lawful And Honest Table for One
“The lawfulness of Holy Communion celebrated without a congregation”

Together for the Common Good The Plague and the Parish: An Invitation to the Churches

Church Times Lockdown could change the Church permanently
Richard Giles, John Sadler, and Robert Warren “call for a radical rethink of the work of a parish priest”

Janet Fife Surviving Church The Church of England Gentlemen’s Club


Opinion – 30 May 2020

Sam McNally-Cross All Things Lawful And Honest For the love of God, don’t sacrifice the poor.

Philip Murray All Things Lawful And Honest Thoughts and questions about ‘online Church’

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of bishops, truth, & the flimsy altar of political expediency

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church A letter from the future. Safeguarding in 2025

Peter Crumpler Christian Today Longing for a return to church

Rachel Treweek ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to Social Distancing

Richard Bastable All Things Lawful And Honest Archiepiscopal Contradictions


Opinion – 27 May 2020

Elizabeth Anderson Earth and Altar “Wash Your Own Feet”: on singleness and the domestic church

Trevor Thurston-Smith The Pensive Pilgrim Speeding up the Tortoise

Jamie Harrison ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to Pre-Judging Our “Good Samaritans”

Christopher Craig Brittain Anglican Journal
The Eucharist and coming out of lockdown: A tract for these COVID-19 times
On virtual communion: A tract for these COVID-19 Times (Part II)


Opinion – 23 May 2020

Rosie Harper ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back….to Power Games & Inequality
The Guardian reports on this as Synod member attacks Church of England’s ‘self-obsession’ in pandemic

Zoë Ettinger Insider Inside 19 of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world
The photographs are also available here.

Tom Wright Church Times Don’t let the weak go to the wall again
“Society needs wise, statesmanlike leadership — not a mad rush back to profiteering”

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of ‘new vision,’ status, money and prayer.

Jonathan Clatworthy Château Clâteau When lockdown ends, what will ‘normal’ be like?

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Iwerne Camps. All Change?

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Zooming Along


Opinion – 20 May 2020

Michael Sadgrove Woolgathering in North East England God, the Virus and Tragic Optimism

Peter Leonard OneBodyOneFaith Be Hot With Anger, But Do Not Boil Away…

Tim Goode ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to Our Old Familiar Cages!

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Jonathan Fletcher Inquiry. Progress?

Thomas Plant Greater Silence Your parish church is not an idol: it’s an icon


Opinion – 16 May 2020

Nicholas Henshall ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to Being Focused on Our Own Significance

Savitri Hensman Church of England Newspaper Sharing burdens and showing kindness

Gilo Surviving Church Elites, the Church and the Dynamics of Social Power

Christina Beardsley DLT Books Blog Feeling Unsafe

Steve Morris Church Times Many are on the brink of financial disaster
“Credit unions are needed more than ever to help those who face money troubles”

K Augustine Tanner-Ihm Church Times Social distancing is a race issue
“It is a permanent reality for people of colour”


Opinion – 13 May 2020

Trevor Thurston-Smith The Pensive Pilgrim A Post-Covid CofE : Better than ‘Songs of Praise’ Repeats?

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of being invigorated & tired by church

Tina Beardsley ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…But We Can Say Sorry

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Toxic Power of Secrets in the Church

Rachel Mann Where do we go from here? Towards An Unknown Church … Part Two – REST


Opinion – 9 May 2020

Serenhedd James The Critic Priests and palaces
“The Archbishops don’t realise the significance of the church building”

David Ison ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to Being In Control

OneBodyOneFaith An Engagement in Lockdown

Martin Sewell Archbishop Cranmer The Church should shine during lockdown

Rachel Mann Where do we go from here? Towards an Unknown Church … Part One … FRAGILITY

Jonathan Clatworthy Château Clâteau Coronavirus and moral responsibility


Opinion – 6 May 2020

Helen King ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Our Quest for the “Perfect Service”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church How Institutions fail us. Chernobyl, Trump and the Church of England

Kelvin Holdsworth What if this is the end of the Eucharist?

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Christian wisdom for the Covid-19 epidemic


Opinion – 2 May 2020

Peter Selby The Tablet Is Anglicanism going private?
[Free registration my be required to access this article]

Giles Fraser UnHerd The C of E has retreated to the kitchen

Jeremy Pemberton From the Choir Stalls Funerals in a time of plague

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of ministry: Woes, worries & possible blessings in COVID times

Martyn Percy Viamedia.News We Can’t Go Back…A Re-Minder To Us All

Michael Sadgrove Woolgathering in North East England What We Can Do For The Dead

Naomi Lawson Jacobs Church Times Disabled people say welcome to our world
“Maybe now churches will listen to people with disabilities about inclusive ministry”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Titus Trustees and Simon Austen’s resignation

Andrew Graystone Church of England Newspaper Why the Titus Trust must close

Matthew Duckett Writing on the Walls of Nineveh The Treachery of Images – The Church in the Online Age


Opinion – 29 April 2020

Fergus Butler-Gallie reviewed streamed services from the Church of England and protestant churches for BBC Radio 4‘s Sunday programme (listen from 3 min 16 sec).

Peter Anthony Are virtual celebrations of the Eucharist a good idea or not?
[21 minute YouTube video]

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church What are Safeguarding Core Groups in the Church of England?

Savitri Hensman ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back….to Pretending Closeness is Unnecessary

Doug Chaplin Liturgica When catching a virus changes the church.


Opinion – 25 April 2020

Paul Bayes Viamedia.News We Can’t Go Back….Remember, These Are Early Days

Peter Anthony Church Times No, this is not like the Early Church
“Worship in homes is not a return to the pre-Constantinian era”
[This is a shortened version of the talk that we linked to here.]

Janet Fife Surviving Church Memories of Communion

Alice Whalley Church Times YouTube sermons will not feed the hungry
“The pandemic is driving many into poverty: they need more than online worship”
Alice’s most recent sermon is here.

Charlie Bell The Eucharistic Feast: participation, representation and sacramental integrity in the time of social distancing


Opinion – 22 April 2020

Mandy Ford ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back – Hidden Lives & Untold Stories
This is the first in a series on the topic ‘We Can’t Go Back…’ based on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s words in his Easter sermon. They will also be available as podcasts; this one is here.

Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley Online Worship – the Beaker Guide

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Power and Influence in the world of Safeguarding

Al Barrett This estate we’re in Resurrection deferred? COVID-19 & the disruption in liturgical time (5)
This is the fifth in a series; it has links to the earlier items.

Peter Anthony How should we celebrate the Eucharist at a time of lock down and social isolation?
[28 minute YouTube video]

Archbishop Cranmer Rev’d Marcus Walker returns to his pulpit: “Here I stand!”
Canon Simon Butler responds to Archbishop Cranmer & Fr Marcus Walker


Opinion – 18 April 2020

Andrew Walker Ship of Fools The doubting disciple

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of Church: dispersed yet communal & catholic

Kelvin Holdsworth Grace Received: communion on the battlefield

Emma Major Building community in a crisis Church Online: Nothing New

Ann Memmott Ann’s Autism Blog Who is welcome? A reflection for churches, during online times.

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Coercion and Control and the Church


Opinion – 15 April 2020

Mark Vernon Medium Easter And The End Of Christianity
“If Coronavirus turns Christian leaders into exemplary citizens, the gospel is lost”

A K M Adam AKMA’s Random Thoughts On Streams and Places

Paul Vallely Church Times This is teaching us about the mass
“Paul Vallely samples eucharists on the internet”

Jeremy Fletcher Rules for Lock Down Reverends

Dana Delap Church Times How we shared the bread and wine on Zoom
“Parishioners were asking for communion on Easter Day, says Dana Delap, and she wanted to feed them”


Opinion – 11 April 2020

Mia Kyte Hilborn Church of England A chaplain’s view – the Coronavirus pandemic
“The NHS has withstood many emergency situations. It will withstand this one, but this crisis is different.”

Hilary Ison ViaMedia.News Trauma & Tragedy in Congregations & Communities

Giles Fraser UnHerd Where is God in this Covid horror?
“Church is one of the few places where we can acknowledge the existence of futile suffering”

Martyn Percy Modern Church Dean’s Diary: Light and Dark in Holy Week

Luke Coppen The Spectator Will coronavirus hasten the demise of religion – or herald its revival?
“The lockdown is testing believers of all stripes”

Anglican Communion News Service Primates’ Easter Messages 2020
A collection of Easter Messages from Anglican Primates and other senior Church leaders.


Opinion – 8 April 2020

Stephen Cottrell The Spectator A first for Christendom: Holy Week without church
“We are going to have to follow Jesus in his isolation”

Georges Staelens Blogue de Georges Ajourner la Pâque. Postpone the Easter.

Jonathan Jong St Mary Magdalen School of Theology On receiving communion in desire

Kevin J Moroney The Living Church On Presence, Real and Impaired

Simon Butler ViaMedia.News Do We Believe in Life After Death – A Response

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Safeguarding Adults

Janet Fife Surviving Church Surviving Creeds

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Who’s Caring for our Nation’s Spiritual Health?


Opinion – 4 April 2020

Jonathan Gibbs The Church of England Blog from Lead Safeguarding Bishop

Bosco Peters Liturgy Spiritual Communion

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Looking to the Future. The Church after COVID-19

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of mission and finance in challenging times

Giles Goddard ViaMedia.News Into the Dark….

Church Times Interview: Brendan McCarthy, C of E medical adviser


Opinion – 1 April 2020

Rosie Harper ViaMedia.News Covid-19, Theodicy and Common Grace

Wendy Bower ViaMedia.News A Sermon for Our Time: Tears & Tombs

Jonathan Draper Afterthoughts Virtual Church?

Tim Stratford One way of looking at things… Changed but not stopped

Richard Peers Oikodomeo Life with Zoom – Small solitudes, little deserts: Poustinia for a time of Pandemic

Gary Waddington The Busy Priest Three Rules for Love, in a time of pandemic