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Opinion – 12 June 2021

Rob Price The Living Church The Distance of the Performer

David Walker ViaMedia.News Banning Conversion Therapy Must “Focus on the Victim Not the Perpetrator”
There are related news items in The Guardian and Church Times.

Archbishop Cranmer Christ Church Cathedral Oxford blocks its own Canon on Twitter
Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley Ritual for Blocking a Cathedral Canon on Twitter

Kate Gibson Rylands Blog Finding faith in the urban archive

Pip Martin Church Times This traumatised nation needs open churches
“Keeping the doors unlocked shows pandemic-scarred parishioners that they are not alone”

Rosie Harper ViaMedia.News Apology without Change is Manipulation


Opinion – 9 June 2021

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Safeguarding and the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM)

Peter Leonard ViaMedia.News Trigger Warning!


Opinion – 5 June 2021

Philip Jones Ecclesiastical Law Celebrating the Lord’s Day: The Ecclesiastical Regulation of Sunday

Laudable Practice Credo in unum Deum: how contemporary Trinity Sunday Proper Prefaces obscure monotheism

Nick Bundock ViaMedia.News “Another Way is Possible….”


Opinion – 29 May 2021

ViaMedia.News Justin’s Story – “I was taught to hate the very ones who loved me”
by Justin, a survivor of conversion therapy who was nearly crushed under the shame but is now a minister in training

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Changing Attitude England ask Archbishops what new radical Christian inclusion means for LGTBIQ+ people

Church Times It’s time to make ‘good’ disagreement ‘loving’
Christopher Landau proposes a more distinctively Christian way to handle conflicts in the Church”

Kehinde Andrews The Guardian Eve Pitts: the Church of England’s first Black female vicar – and one of its fiercest critics
“Despite attempts to drive her out of the church, she has spent decades fighting racism wherever she has encountered it. Now she is pushing the C of E to honour the enslaved people it exploited”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Does the C of E have Leaders with Authority, Wisdom and Insight to cope with Crises?

Archbishop Cranmer CDM PTSD: the trauma, stress and disorder of the Clergy Discipline Measure


Opinion – 26 May 2021

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Trans leaders ask Next Steps Group chair to ensure trans membership on new working group

Viamedia.News Annie’s Story – “I Did My Best to Conform, But…”
by Annie, a victim of abuse who found succour in the charismatic church – where she was subjected to even more abuse….

Laudable Practice What Anglicanism can learn from the Labour Party


Opinion – 22 May 2021

Tina Beardsley Unadulterated Love Living in Love & Faith (LLF) to reconsider gender identity and transition

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Further developments in the John Smyth Case

ViaMedia.News Peter’s Story – Conditioning Causes Shame & Self-Hatred
by Peter (a pseudonym), a survivor of conversion therapy

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Opinion – 19 May 2021

All Things Lawful And Honest A younger church?
The Rev’d Steven Hilton recalls the success of the Church of England’s youth initiatives in the 1990s, and asks whether the Church’s mission and growth might be better secured by employing not more clergy but more youth workers.

ViaMedia.News Kate’s Story
by Kate, a transgender woman from the north of England, who bravely shares her horrific experience of being prayed for in three different evangelical churches.

Manmit Bhambra and Austin Tiffany LSE blogs From the Sanctuary to the Sofa: What COVID-19 has Taught us about Sacred Space


Opinion – 15 May 2021

Abigail Frymann Rouch Church Times Could interim ministry be the answer in tough times for the Church?

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Church. Does it really serve Emerging Adults?

Tina Beardsley Unadulterated Love So-called conversion therapy, gender identity, and the dangers of coercion and consultation

ViaMedia.News Yve’s Story – “I Felt Set Up To Fail”
by Yve, who has experienced both the very worst and the very best of the Church of England


Opinion – 12 May 2021

Charlie Bell For whom the Bell tolls Why marriage matters

ViaMedia.News Steven’s Story – “I felt I had no option but to make a formal complaint to the Garda”

Helen King sharedconversations Conversion therapy: faith without fear


Opinion – 8 May 2021

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Victim of abuse failed by London bishops who perversely then pursue the victim’s defender

Charles Foster Surviving Church Growing up and away from the #Fletcherculture

Jaime Sommers ViaMedia.News Jaime’s Story – “They had absolutely no idea what to do with me”
by Jaime Sommers, a bisexual 50 year old woman whose story of abuse by the Church of England will shock many

Jon Stobart Church Times From the genteel to the exotic
“Auction catalogues provide a glimpse into the home lives of rural Georgian clergy”


Opinion – 5 May 2021

Luke Dowding OneBodyOneFaith Service & Self

ViaMedia.News Rachel’s Story – I Don’t Want to Be Part of An Institution that Allows Abuse
by Rachel, a 30 something Christian, hockey player and lesbian whose experience in an HTB plant has seriously damaged her faith.


Opinion – 1 May 2021

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Towards Healthier Power Dynamics in the Church

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of culture; speaking of church

ViaMedia.News Revd Adams’ Story – Is It Wrong for Me to Tell the Truth?
by the Reverend Adams, a gay Methodist Minister


Opinion – 28 April 2021

Jas ViaMedia.News Jas’ Story – Please. Be. Kind.
by Jas, a former drug addict, Bible College Student and now married lesbian

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Lesbians, Sex and the Church of England

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Responding well to Survivors. A Cautionary Tale from the Past


Opinion – 24 April 2021

Archbishop Cranmer One Church of England diocese has spent £500,000 on 20 Non-Disclosure Agreements

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Bishop to the Archbishops opposed to equality of LGBTIQ+ people

David Wilbourne Church Times Bigger platoon at Bishopthorpe
“News of further appointments to the Archbishop of York’s staff has prompted David Wilbourne to recall his time as John Habgood’s chaplain”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Open Letter to +Emma of Penrith


Opinion – 21 April 2021

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Principles and Anti-Principles. Finding Nolan in Church Life

ViaMedia.News Lisa’s Story
by Lisa (a pseudonym), who is a trans woman from the North of England.


Opinion – 17 April 2021

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Implementing the IICSA recommendations

Cliff James Surviving Church Another review of Sex, Power, Control

ViaMedia.News Timothy’s Story
the first of a series of personal testimonies from LGBT Christians

Martin Warner Church Times An offer you can’t refuse? You can
“Moral judgements must be allowed to override financial ones”


Opinion – 14 April 2021

Martyn Percy Meander Bread for the World

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Towards humility? Anglican conservatives after Jonathan Fletcher

Vaughan S Roberts Socrel Dead and Gone: does embodied storytelling have a post-pandemic future?


Opinion – 10 April 2021

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Annual Report 2020 National Safeguarding Panel

Rosalind Lund Modern Church How Covid-19 may have Changed the Church Forever!

Linda Woodhead reviews ‘Sex, Power, Control: Responding to Abuse in the Institutional Church’ for Surviving Church

Katy Canty Church Times Sector ministries: alongside parish and people
“Sector ministries are reaching places pastorally that others cannot”

LGBTQ Faith UK Reclaiming Lambeth I.10


Opinion – 7 April 2021

David Ison ViaMedia.News Is God Inhuman?

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Wimbledon/Fletcher understanding of Church. Training Camp or Hospital?

David Pocklington Law & Religion UK “Net zero” in 2030 – a courageous decision?


Opinion – 3 April 2021

Savitri Hensman Ekklesia C of E: siding with power or choosing resurrection?

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Sex, Power, Control – Changing Attitude, LLF and the House of Bishops

Janet Fife Surviving Church Smyth, Fletcher and Fife

Anglican Communion News Service Primates’ Easter Messages 2021

Christopher Wells continues his reflections on hierarchy for The Living Church
The Evangelical Edge
Sursum Corda