Thinking Anglicans

Opinion – 27 April 2022

Scot Peterson ViaMedia.News All Change: What Next for Living in Love and Faith?

Surviving Church The Kenneth Saga: End in sight?

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church House of Survivors. A New Resource for the Church of England

Stephen Cottrell William Temple Foundation An Easter Vision

ViaMedia.News Living in Love and Faith: The Ozanne Foundation Responds


Opinion – 23 April 2022

Sophie Grace Chappell ViaMedia.News Trans Figured: Experience Trumps Theory

Martin Sewell Surviving Church Bullying in the Church

Giles Fraser UnHerd Why Bishops should be political

James Crockford Church Times C of E prefers marble to people
“The Rustat judgment exposed flaws in the faculty process”


Opinion – 20 April 2022

The Guardian In pictures: Good Friday around the world

Martyn Percy Modern Church Testing Trials and Egregious Errors: Some Good Friday Reflections
The Revolutionary Seeds of Easter

Hattie McInerney ViaMedia.News The Invisible Privilege of Being Voiceless in the Church: Creating a Platform for Bisexual Christians

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Radical New Christian Inclusion – the Silence of the Bishops


Opinion – 16 April 2022

Archbishop Cranmer Maundy Thursday: there needs to be some foot-washing in Oxford

The Anglican Communion News Service has published several Easter messages from primates. You can find links to them (and messages from previous years) here.

Giles Fraser UnHerd Have I abandoned my flock?

Peter B Surviving Church A personal rethinking of the Passion and Easter story


Opinion – 13 April 2022

Grace Davie ViaMedia.News In Search of the ‘Optimal’

Vicky Brett ViaMedia.News Is the Conversion Therapy Ban a Muddle? A Response to Angela Tilby
[This refers to this Church Times article.]


Opinion – 9 April 2022

Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley I Have Measured Out My Life in Hallelujahs

Terry Louden ViaMedia.News No Sex, Please? Remembering the Higton Debate

Susannah Clark Dialogue between an evangelical Christian leader and a person who has transitioned


Opinion – 6 April 2022

Helen King sharedconversations What do the bishops think? LLF and trans people

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Towards an Understanding of Deference in the Church

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love House of Bishops overrides trans concerns

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Truth – The First Casualty in War


Opinion – 2 April 2022

Susanna Rust IPE magazine How we run our money: Church Commissioners for England
“Church Commissioners for England CIO, Tom Joy, tells Susanna Rust about the fund’s pursuit of genuine diversification and responsible investment.”

Chrissie Chevasutt ViaMedia.News Good News From Via Media: on Transgender Day of Visibility

Giles Fraser UnHerd Does Prince Andrew deserve forgiveness?
“There’s nothing moral about a mother’s love”

Robin Dunbar The Guardian The big idea: do we still need religion?
“In a world of scientific miracles, what does faith have to offer us?”


Opinion – 30 March 2022

Helen King ViaMedia.News Strange Practices: Making Sense of the Church of England Today

Richard Lamey ViaMedia.News What You Do Matters More Than You Can Know…

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The quest for integrity: Hillsong and the CofE

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Honest to God, Goodbye to God, and the Jesus Myth


Opinion – 26 March 2022

Rebecca Chapman Church Times Life Events team should not be dispatched
“A Church that says it cares about evangelism should prioritise the occasional offices”

Giles Fraser UnHerd Atheists have an evil problem
“We can’t blame God for the war in Ukraine”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Living the Questions: Facing Christian doubt and uncertainty


Opinion – 23 March 2022

Jane Shaw ViaMedia.News Gen Z, Authenticity and Religion

Fergus Butler-Gallie The Guardian Work of the devil? I think not. As a priest, I’m all for exotically tasty hot cross buns
“Marmite, mocha and blueberry: they may be commercially motivated, but they’re still a reminder of Easter’s importance”

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Safer Recruitment and People Management


Opinion – 19 March 2022

Paul Skirrow Surviving Church Bullying in the Church of England – Personal or Institutional?

Leslie Francis and Andrew Village Church Times Why lockdown drove some away from church
“If the quality of online worship was below par, people voted with their feet, or screens”

Antony MacRow-Wood (Archdeacon of Dorset) Diocese of Salisbury The History of the Stipend

Liam Cartwright ViaMedia.News Boring Ourselves to Death?


Opinion – 16 March 2022

Jane Shaw Prospect Keeping the faith in our parish churches
“Well funded and with a reserve of spectacular buildings, the Church of England has the resources to curb dwindling attendance–so long as it dares to re-imagine”

Laudable Practice To Swim the Tiber is to reject the Anglican Tradition

Tony Dickinson ViaMedia.News War in Ukraine — A View from Italy

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The 2020 Micah Letter to the Charity Commission: Questioning CofE Safeguarding Procedures


Opinion – 12 March 2022

Helen King The retiring academic Church and the new normal

Jonathan Aitken Turbulent Priest Sermon, 6th March 2022

Ellen Clark-King ViaMedia.News God (he/she/they, him/her/them)

Renie Chow Choy Church Times Why our material legacy matters
“Widening access to heritage spaces is not a ‘woke fad'”

Nell Hardy Surviving Church Spiritual Trauma and Theatre-Based Intervention

Trevor Thurston-Smith The Pensive Pilgrim Is a Change Really as Good as a Rest?


Opinion – 11 March 2022

Andy Stranack Theos Embracing a valuable talent pool: the barriers and gifts of living with a disability

Alexandra Logan Love letter to the Church of England …

Martyn Percy Modern Church Embrace the “Tutufication” of the Church of England Finale

Sheila Matthews Saltwater & Honey The Mothering Sunday Conundrum

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Welcome beware, God of our whole being, essence of creation


Opinion – 9 March 2022

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Bishops: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Jayne Manfredi ViaMedia.News Earth Accuses Earth: Responding to Cancel Culture

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love LLF Next Steps Group plans to engage with stakeholder groups

LGBTQ Faith UK Learning from the playground – lessons for Living in Love and Faith


Opinion – 5 March 2022

Inclusive Church launched its booklet Something Worth Sharing on Disability and Church at General Synod last month. Here are the speeches from the launch.
Fiona Macmillan Perfectly and wonderfully made
Emily Richardson Pandemic Learnings
Tim Goode Dignity and Fullness of Life

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Poll shows CofE majority support equal marriage for LGBTQIA+ people

Janet Fife Surviving Church The Outsider. A Great Man of Faith and the Two Women in his Life

Angela Tilby Church Times Bishops’ unanimity is shameful


Opinion – 2 March 2022

Fergus Butler-Gallie The Guardian Bullying, evictions, contract disputes: no wonder we priests need a trade union
“Church of England clergy can no longer rely on goodwill alone. That’s why, increasingly, we are getting organised”

Will Moore ViaMedia.News Being Bisexual in Church — a Balancing Act


Opinion – 26 February 2022

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love The Ghana “Anti-Gay” Bill hearings continue with a presentation from IDNOWA

Hugh Williamson Church Times Priests on the payroll
“Hugh Williamson meets ministers whose places of secular work are their mission fields”

Josephine Stein Surviving Church Safeguarding: Value for Money?

Valerie Plumb ViaMedia.News Profile: Burn Out, Exclusion and the Church of England


Opinion – 23 February 2022

David Brown Surviving Church Church Culture and the Roots of Bullying

Martyn Percy Modern Church Embrace the “Tutufication” of the Church of England Part 4

Tony Baldry ViaMedia.News Will They Ever Come Back…?

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love LGBTQIA+ Representation on NSG and House of Bishops

David Goodhew The Living Church Is Anglicanism growing or dying? new data