Thinking Anglicans

Opinion – 14 August 2021

James Mumford UnHerd What the ‘Save the Parish’ campaign doesn’t understand
“Justin Welby’s plans are better than critics claim”

Mark Bennet Surviving Church Doing Church without the difficult bits

David Ford Church Times In defence of ordinary, faithful churchgoers
“Talk of ‘missionary disciples’ means little to lay people in the parishes — and risks alienating them”

Alison Milbank The Critic Is the Parish Church worth saving?

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Finding the voice of LGBTIQ+ people and allies in the LLF conversations


Opinion – 11 August 2021

Greta Gaffin Earth & Altar 5 ways to pretend you know more about the Church than you really do

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Searching for Expertise in Safeguarding in the Church of England

Giles Fraser UnHerd The Church is on the brink of revolt


Opinion – 7 August 2021

Alister McGrath The Living Church Anglicanism and the Natural Sciences

Gavin Drake The Jill Saward Organisation Church of England’s High Court contempt threat for abuse victims

Rachel White Surviving Church Lessons Not Learned: an 18-Month Review

Helen King sharedconversations The Church of England as a WASGIJ

Alex Clare-Young Living in love and faith? The construction of contemporary texts of terror

Archbishop Cranmer Does it matter if Church of England parishes wither on the vine?


Opinion – 4 August 2021

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Radical Christian Inclusion – a definition

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The ‘morale’ factor. Senior church staff and their support of clergy


Opinion – 31 July 2021

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of church, speaking of strategy; speaking of leadership

Martyn Percy Meander Feeding the Five Thousand


Opinion – 28 July 2021

Francis Spufford The Christian Century How I changed my mind about same-sex marriage
“It began when I realized the church has always had a process for changing its mind.”

Gilo Surviving Church Interim Support Scheme & Redress Scheme

Ian Paul Psephizo Can the C of E plant new churches and retain the parish system?
An interview with John McGinley

Paul Andrews The Yorkshire Post Why Church of England needs new PR team to win back worshippers

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love The LLF definition of radical new Christian inclusion is not radical, nor new, nor Christian, nor inclusive

Meg Warner The Tablet Anglicanism and mission
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Opinion – 24 July 2021

Martin Sewell Archbishop Cranmer The immoral, scandalous and disgraceful nature of CofE bullying

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Importance of Prophetic Ministry in the Church

Anderson Jeremiah Church Times Mixed-ecology church: why definitions matter
“Some who use the language of biology are, in fact, proposing a model driven by economics”

Church Times Leader comment: Fr Griffin: one death too many

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Taking Zoom to the next level

The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication An interview with John McGinley


Opinion – 21 July 2021

Kevin ScullyLimiting factors? How did we get there?

Charlotte Gauthier All Things Lawful And Honest Set God’s People Free

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love ‘We’ve made our decision’: the Church of England and trans people


Opinion – 17 July 2021

Andrew Gimson The Conservative Woman Profile: The Church of England, afflicted by a central bureaucracy which is mounting a takeover bid

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love What the campaign for radical new LGBTIQ+ Christian inclusion requires of us and the Church

Jane Shaw Church Times Cathedrals: a forgotten model for church growth
“Why are church-plants seen as the only game in town when it comes to reversing decline”


Opinion – 14 July 2021

Gavin Drake The Jill Saward Organisation Briefing on the Proposed Clergy Conduct Measure

Lorraine Cavanagh Modern Church A Response to the ‘Myriad Plan’

Anthony Woollard Modern Church A Great Leap… To Where?

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Some Day I’ll Find You

Christopher Johnson All Things Lawful And Honest Power Grab or Pastoral Measure?

George Sumner The Living Church Mission is not a zero-sum game

Lee Proudlove Anglican Ink Do the Church of England’s bishops want 10,000 new churches or not?


Opinion – 10 July 2021

Nick Spencer Engelsberg Ideas Humanism matters in the age of AI

Giles Fraser UnHerd The Church is abandoning its flock

Edward Dowler All Things Lawful And Honest Ordained by God

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of planning permission: 10,000 reasons to decline

Dave Male, the Church of England’s director of evangelism and discipleship Clergy and parishes at the heart of the Church of England – now and in the future

Church Times Leader comment: ‘Key limiting factors’

Ian Black Church Times ‘Passengers’ have more to offer than we think
“The laity have long contributed to church growth, even if some shirk from the language of ‘discipleship'”

Philip Murray All Things Lawful And Honest Limiting Factors? Or Limited Ecclesiology?

Paul Bayes ViaMedia.News LGBT Stories: Bring on the Ban!


Opinion – 7 July 2021

Updated to add second Martyn Percy article

Jonathan Draper Modern Church Limiting Factors: the ‘Myriad’ initiative and the future of the Church
Martyn Percy Modern Church The Great Leap Forward (Part One) The New Politics of Ecclesionomics for the Church of England
The Great Leap Forward (Part Two) – The Church of England’s Growth Fetish
Ian Paul Psephizo Should everyone be church-planting missionary disciples?
Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of vision; talking of strategy
Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Ten thousand new congregations. Will they save the Church of England?
Barnaby Perkins All Things Lawful And Honest It’s the limit.

Anne Dannerolle ViaMedia.News LGBT Stories – Can Conservative Evangelical Churches Ever Change?


Opinion – 3 July 2021

Timothy Goode ViaMedia.News LGBT+ Stories – The Trauma of Abusive “Healing” Ministries

Peter Collier Church Times The Lambeth Working Group has lost its way on CDM reform
“The proposals before the Synod appear to have missed what our independent group was saying”

Silvia Falcetta Openly English marriage law locks out same-sex couples from religious weddings

Archbishop Cranmer ‘Key limiting factors’: the end of stipendiary parish ministry
The Church Times has two news articles on this topic:
Synod to discuss target of 10,000 new lay-led churches in the next ten years
Archbishop of Canterbury endorses urgent plan for church-planting
And Archdruid Eileen has this: “Free From Limiting Factors” – 10,000 new Laboratories


Opinion – 30 June 2021

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Church Leader – Are You Helping or Harming?

Philip North Church Times The General Synod’s Business Committee has its priorities wrong
“It should be debating how richer dioceses can help poorer ones, not reopening old wounds over the Sheffield débâcle”

Leander Harding The Living Church “Always Dress Like a Priest”

Jonathon Van Maren Mercatornet The turning tide of intellectual atheism
“A growing number of leading serious intellectuals are recognising the need for Christianity’s resurrection but can’t quite bring the faith to life in themselves.”


Opinion – 26 June 2021

Jonathan Clatworthy The point of it all Would you trust a Tory?

Open Table It’s out – and we’re proud! Independent research shows Open Table truly supports well-being

Simon Butler ViaMedia.News LGBT Stories: It’s Time for Action!

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The John Smyth Case Review commissioned by the Scripture Union

Madeleine Davies Church Times Is the C of E still a class-riddled act?

Kelvin Holdsworth Sev’n Whole Days

Michael King Religion Media Centre Factsheet: Conversion Therapy


Opinion – 23 June 2021

Kelvin Holdsworth The Bishop of St Davids and the Archbishop of Canterbury

Zachary Guiliano The Living Church Why I Wear Black

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Campaigning for radical LGBTIQ+ inclusion
In 2017 fourteen retired bishops voiced concern over the same sex relationships report

Sarah Mullally ViaMedia.News LGBT Stories: “Texts of Terror” – Are We Helping or Harming?

Mark Clavier The Living Church Restoring the Ecology of Faith

Kevin Scully What price reform?


Opinion – 19 June 2021

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Shunning and Cruelty in the Justice System of the Church

David Runcorn ViaMedia.News LLF: Building the Bridge as We Cross It …


Opinion – 16 June 2021

Helen King sharedconversations Rewriting your history: thinking about the Winchester case

Nicholas Henshall ViaMedia.News Making Ourselves ‘Other’

David Goodhew The Living Church Beijing’s Man in the Anglican Communion

Christina Beardsley Unadulterated Love Trans leaders and CA England advise Bishop of London a working group to consider gender identity and transition is unadvisable

Archbishop Cranmer Who wrote the ‘Dirty Dossier’ on the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford?


Opinion – 12 June 2021

Rob Price The Living Church The Distance of the Performer

David Walker ViaMedia.News Banning Conversion Therapy Must “Focus on the Victim Not the Perpetrator”
There are related news items in The Guardian and Church Times.

Archbishop Cranmer Christ Church Cathedral Oxford blocks its own Canon on Twitter
Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley Ritual for Blocking a Cathedral Canon on Twitter

Kate Gibson Rylands Blog Finding faith in the urban archive

Pip Martin Church Times This traumatised nation needs open churches
“Keeping the doors unlocked shows pandemic-scarred parishioners that they are not alone”

Rosie Harper ViaMedia.News Apology without Change is Manipulation


Opinion – 9 June 2021

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Safeguarding and the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM)

Peter Leonard ViaMedia.News Trigger Warning!