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Malawi election is not confirmed

For earlier reports see here, here, and here.

The Court of Confirmation met on Tuesday 29 November, and it did not confirm the election.

News reports:
Nation Online Bishop elect’s fate today (before the meeting)and Anglicans reject bishop-elect
Reuters Malawi Anglicans reject pro-gay UK bishop
BBC Malawi rejects ‘pro-gay’ bishop
Mail and Guardian Anglicans reject bishop for supporting gay rights
Associated Press via Jamaica! Malawi rejects pro-gay British bishop

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18 years ago

Have any bishops on the Court other than Archbishop Malango commented on the Court’s process and decision? I am particularly interested in any comments from Bishop Mwamba of Botswana.

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
18 years ago

Anna – keep an eye on tomorrow’s Church Times. There was a split vote with several bishops supporting Fr Henderson ……

18 years ago

Thanks, Martin. Is this the article in question? It mentions, but does not name, bishops who dissented from the decision.

I ask because I had a conversation with +Mwamba that touched on the Lake Malawi situation a while ago. I got the impression he thought the kerfluffle was ridiculous and unfortunate and disagreed with ++Malango, but was interested to see if he felt strongly enough to dissent officially.

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
18 years ago

I will try and get you the list of those who voted for Fr Henderson, Anna, I thought the story would be clearer in this.

18 years ago

Thanks, Martin. Email is

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