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Nobody knows anything about what is happening at the meeting of 12 American bishops and an Irish canon in New York City, but that does not prevent continuing speculation about it.

Ruth Gledhill’s newspaper report in The Times provoked a rather worried response from Matt Kennedy, to which Ruth responded in her blog article.

Meanwhile, Lionel Deimel wrote this detailed analysis, which found approval from Fr Jake. The latter also wrote his own response to Ruth.

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Marshall Scott
17 years ago

But now there is news: no agreement was reached. That was not a surprise, of course. Some at the table wanted an arrangement that involved leaving the Episcopal Church de facto but not de jure. Others at the table wanted them to remain in the Episcopal Church, hoping that would continue talking and listening. There was no new word from Canterbury: Canterbury does not have authority to resolve this across the boundaries of an existing province. I fear Ms. Gledhill’s “source” led her astray, expressing the source’s own wishes as if they were accomplished facts. I do agree that there… Read more »

17 years ago

And now, some hours later, there are some official statements from ACNS. Nothing has happened.

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