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Primates Meeting Primer

The Church Times has a splendid 12 page pull-out section of articles relevant to the forthcoming Primates Meeting next week. Most of these are not on the web, so it is well worth buying or borrowing a copy. Not online are articles by David Edwards, Bishop Peter Lee of Virginia, and a major piece on Homosexuality in Africa by Kevin Ward, plus four other items.
Update for several more of these items online see newer entry here

Major items online are:

A primer for the Primates: Reflections on the choices that will face Anglican leaders editorial overview

Our need for moral honesty by Njongonkulu Ndungane

Voice of the Global South by Canon Vinay Samuel

Documents, papers and statements compiled by Sarah Meyrick and with many links to texts

See also the CT news columns and

A time to Protest column by Giles Fraser

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Peter Lear
Peter Lear
20 years ago

Let’s hope that we are praying Anglicans especially this week. I have just heard 2 bishops on Radio 4 disagreeing, politely it has to be said, but totally.

Perhaps we should pray for silence, rather than anything else, so that prayer and openness to the Spirit has room to happen.

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