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opinions at Passover

Abraham Pinter writes that Passover is a good time to think about freedom of religious education in the Guardian’s Face to Faith column.

In The Times Roderick Strange writes that The resurrection of Jesus was real and physical.

In the Daily Telegraph Christopher Howse reports on Doing God in the land of Mammon.

The Church Times has an article by Jonathan Clark explaining why The C of E is losing its own history.

And last week in the Church Times Elaine Storkey wrote about Taking on the moral high ground.

Simon Barrow writes for Ekklesia about an issue in British parliamentary democracy, see Power to which people, exactly?

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Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill
16 years ago

Re Jonathan Clark: I rather think that Anglicans have whitewashed their origins until recently and that films and TV like The Other Boleyn Girl and The Tudors are a reaction to that. Catherine was not a monster and she WAS treated horribly by Henry. The Boleyn family clearly were politically ambitious and not above using the sexual attractiveness of their daughters in the service of that ambition. None of that, however, makes Cranmer’s work less worthy…or excuses Bloody Mary’s excesses. re Elaine Storkey: I’m reminded of a quote from Andrew Sullivan, the ex-pat Brit who comments on US politics (and… Read more »

16 years ago

Following up from Jonathan Clark’s piece I notice that The Seat of Authority in Religion by James Martineau is available with bookplate, datesheet, bar-code and stamps for Lincoln Cathedral Library and Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln. Oh dear, that is a criminal sell-off and I’ll just wonder about acquiring it, and Church Life or Sect Life, which Martineau wrote decades before Ernst Troeltsch thought of the same thing.

Roderick Strange makes no argument at all: all that leads to many conclusions about resurrection, material, spiritual, objective, subjective.

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