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Jim Naughton has published some further reflections on the event, at Live: the sermon, the protester, the press, etc. Part II.

He also corrects some misinformation elsewhere, viz:

1. It is true that many people in the Episcopal Church would like to get us out from under Resolution B033, the legislation passed on the last day of our 2006 General Convention which calls upon “Standing Committees and bishops with jurisdiction to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion.” This isn’t a secret. Numerous dioceses have already submitted resolutions to next year’s General Convention asking that the legislation be repealed, or superseded. If this legislation passes (a big if—I am not sure there are enough votes in the House of Bishops to get the job done) a gay candidate would have a better chance of being elected and confirmed. The notion that if the legislation passed we’d immediately elect another gay bishop is speculative. The notion that we’d suddenly have five or six is hallucinatory. At this point, it is not even possible to know for which dioceses will be electing bishops, which priests would be chosen as candidates, or how the internal dynamics of the dioceses would affect the elections. (I have gone on about this at some length because I have had calls from three reporters about this story this morning.)

2. Integrity has not provided cell phones for all of the Episcopal bishops attending the Lambeth Conference—or even for those sympathetic to its agenda. The Episcopal Church has provided cell phones for all its bishops—and their spouses, too, I believe.

Those who are not yet satiated with information about last night can find even more material here:

Full video of the sermon is here.

The Bishop of New Hampshire’s own blog is here.

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Hugh of Lincoln
Hugh of Lincoln

Going to hear a firebrand preacher wouldn’t normally be my first choice on a warm summer evening. But driving down the North Circular while listening to Presiding Bishop Katharine give a short homily (My preference for sermon length!) during a live broadcast of Choral Evensong from Salisbury Cathedral, I had the sense that St Mary’s Putney would once again enter the history books. The friendliness and sense of anticipation in and around the church was apparent on arrival. A welcoming cafe on the south side leads directly into the nave, where the high altar, unusually, is situated on the North… Read more »


“The notion that if the legislation passed we’d immediately elect another gay bishop is speculative. The notion that we’d suddenly have five or six is hallucinatory.”