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Anglican Covenant: Manchester Diocesan Synod

Updated Saturday afternoon to add numbers of abstentions
Updated Sunday to correct date of Southwell & Nottingham synod

Manchester diocesan synod voted on the Anglican Covenant motion this morning.

The motion in favour of the covenant was defeated in all three houses.

Bishops: 1 for / 2 against / 0 abstentions
Clergy: 15 for / 25 against / 0 abstentions
Laity: 12 for / 23 against / 7 abstentions

With this result the current figures are 25 diocesan synods against and 15 in favour of the Covenant.

The remaining four dioceses will vote after Easter: Southwell & Nottingham (21 April), Chichester (21 April), Newcastle (28 April) and York (28 April).

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Kennedy Fraser
Kennedy Fraser
12 years ago

Although not a formal vote, here are the comments from the discussion at the Diocesan Synod of Glasgow and Galloway in the Scottish Episcopal Church. It’s hard to find a supportive or positive statement among the comments.

12 years ago

I’ve not double-checked the spreadsheet – but it looks as if the overall number voting against has now overtaken those voting for the covenant. Some seem to feel that the overall figure is significant.

John Holding
John Holding
12 years ago

Looking over the overall numbers, has anyone an explanation for the extraordinary results in Derby?

Not only did the bishop vote no to the covernant, but only one priest and only two lay members voted yes (possibly one lay member and two priests — my memory is a bit hazy).

And has anyone got a list of the bishops who voted no — which diocesans and which suffragans?

Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

It does NOT always rain in Manchester – at least, not on this parade. Deo gratias!

Alan T Perry
12 years ago

@Ray: Correct. Overall voting against is now ahead of votes for. Details here:

12 years ago

Peter, unless there has been a change of date that I haven’t been told of yet, I have S&N diocesan synod in my diary for Saturday, 21 April rather than Thursday, 12th.

I’m just back from holiday, so I’ll contact the diocesan office tomorrow to check.

Peter Owen
12 years ago


I am sure you are correct, particularly as the S&N diocesan website gives the date as 21 April. I have corrected the date above.

I originally took the date from a secondary source.

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