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Opinion – 23 July 2016

Nazia Parveen The Guardian ‘This is what I’m meant to be doing’: the vicar welcoming Muslims to church

Graham Kings Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion Sarah the Mother of Mission: An Exposition on Genesis 18 and the painting by Silvia Dimitrova

David Pocklington Law & Religion UK Objectors to female bishops
Archdruid Eileen Objection to the Consecration of Female Bishops: A Liturgy

Rachel Obordo and Guardian readers The Guardian ‘I’ve learnt to be compassionate and diplomatic’: what it’s like to be a vicar’s kid
Sam Kinchin-Smith London Review of Books Vicars’ Children

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes Sex in the Anglican Communion 1
Sex in the Anglican Communion 2

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peterpi - Peter Gross
peterpi - Peter Gross
8 years ago

If all liturgies were as Archdruid Eileen proposed, the C of E would be packing them in.

Regarding sex in the Anglican Communion, I assume most people are for it, as long as it doesn’t scare the horses, and the participants think of God, either the monarch or the provincial primate, and country.
I still think “primate” is all too apt a description, at times, but then I’m thinking of Linnaean, not ecclesiastical, classification.

Interested Observer
Interested Observer
8 years ago

Aficionados of the stranger parts of the Internet will be aware of the insane ramblings of the “Freeman on the Land” movement.

Paul Williamson’s challenges to the perfectly legal decisions of the Church of England have a similar ring to them: appeals to mis-readings of irrelevant law, and a refusal to take no for an answer. It’s sad, really. But being staggeringly rude to people during church services? Whatever the theological point he thinks he’s making, it’s just rude.

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