Friday, 28 November 2003

Is Christianity curable?

Two weeks ago, Paul Vallely the associate editor of the Independent newspaper and regular contributor to the Church Times published this comment piece: A suitable case for treatment? in which he considers the benefits to society of reorientating Christians.

I would not set myself up as a medical specialist on the subject - to borrow a phrase from the Bishop of Chester - but it is clear that some people who feel themselves to be religious can, with psychiatric help, reorientate themselves. Being a Christian is now a curable condition.
There are those deluded folk who assume that Christianity is not a lifestyle choice, but a gift from the Almighty. I want to help them on this. Modern mental-health care has a number of techniques, including aversion therapy, which can significantly reduce religious cravings, or, at least, stop people acting on them in a way that is unnatural.

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On a more serious note, if one belongs to one of the 'Global-South' churches, one really do wonder if Christianity is curable.
Some excerpts from the Singapore Cathedral website
On Masturbation -
'2. Sexual fantasies are often involved in the act of masturbation. Jesus taught that it is a sin to lust after another person (Mt 5:28). Sometimes sexual fantasies may involve an imaginative person or invisible person. There is a danger of opening a door to sexual spirits or having sex with an unclean spirit.'
On Trinitarian Theology (and visiting recreational spas) -
"Our bodies are temples of the Living God, who owns us. We are the custodians of the body God entrusted to us. Will the Holy Spirit who lives within us, enjoy going to the spa with us? Or will He leave us to go into spa outlets without Him?"

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The latest "global south" view (posted because I think there is integrity in his (Abp. Malango's) position):

"Letter from Archbishop Malango to Presiding Bishop Griswold":

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