Sunday, 17 September 2006

an eighth diocese calls for alternative oversight

As expected, the Diocese of Quincy in west central Illinois, at a special synod held yesterday, voted to seek “alternative primatial oversight”. This is a small diocese with no more than 2500 baptised members in 23 congregations.

Local newspaper report: Peoria Journal Star Diocese of Quincy seeks alternative oversight. (The clergy delegate number of 100 quoted here is surprising as ECDplus shows only 61 clergy canonically resident including all retired clergy.
Update the newspaper reporter now tells me he was wrong, and there were 39 clergy members voting and 68
lay delegates voting. The article has been amended online.l)

Update here is the diocesan press release.

And here is the Living Church report.

ENS has caught up with Episcopal Diocese of Quincy seeks alternative oversight

Posted by Simon Sarmiento on Sunday, 17 September 2006 at 2:51pm BST | TrackBack
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Shame on The Diocese of Quincy, Illinois for being so grossly out-of-spiritual-step as they are located in a geographic area made up of many other Church families that truly WELCOME *others* into their home in a healthy way.

Catholics, Lutherans and dozens of other Quincy Diocese religious neighbors welcome LGBT Christians (see link below) into their faith communities!

In the tiny/ailing Diocese of Quincy it IS questionable as to if OUR greeting "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You," was a honest statement of diocesean out-reach and ministry anyway!

It's more likely the Diocese of Quincy voted to become a underground/second class Episcopal Church branch because they wish to fall/walk or run away and join a more "discriminating" and "bigoted" group of extreme thinking Anglicans elsewhere!

There is nothing Christian or "loving" about slamming parish doors in the face of other Episcopalians no matter how selfrighteous and "Godly" OUR Quincy brothers and sisters in Christ claim to be!

Posted by: Leonardo Ricardo on Sunday, 17 September 2006 at 4:56pm BST

They don't ordain women.

Posted by: bls on Sunday, 17 September 2006 at 8:31pm BST

Shame on those early Christians for being so grossly out-of-spiritual-step with the tolerant, inclusive pagan Roman Empire. Thinking ones offer their pinch of incense to the emperor - God understands. Not like those bigoted martyrs.

All are welcome by definition to come and pray in a Catholic church regardless of orientation/temptation (Catholic parish with homosexuals in it, sì; gay parish, no) so calling Quincy 'bigoted' is slanderous.

If you are practising homosexuality, +Quincy and his parishes aren't slamming any doors in your faces; you've slammed one in God's.

No, they don't attempt to ordain women - to Catholic Anglicans the larger church trumps liberal Protestantism.

As for putting down the diocese because of its size, how big again is the Diocese of Nevada?

Posted by: The young fogey on Monday, 18 September 2006 at 12:53pm BST

"Shame on those early Christians for being so grossly out-of-spiritual-step with the tolerant, inclusive pagan Roman Empire." Fogey

What tolerant/inclusive Roman Empire are you refering to? I never heard of that Roman Empire even in the movies or when I used to drink heavily.

Isn't it wonderful how the Diocese of Nevada has 40 Parishes and THREE of them are brand NEW and it is such a YOUNG Diocese!

They also conduct spiritually centered workshops on:

Anti-Racism Training and Sexual Abuse Avoidance Training.

Very cool don't ya think Fogey?

Posted by: Leonardo Ricardo on Monday, 18 September 2006 at 6:49pm BST

It is, I think, unfair to determine who's right and who's wrong on the basis of the size of the diocese. - see Abuja, for instance.

Why for instance is Quincy seen as ailing? How about Virginia, or Pennsylvania or San Diego? And do we know what kind of "training" programs Quincy has had?

The fact remains that no one is listening to anyone else, except those with whom they agree on the issues.

Posted by: Davis d'Ambly on Tuesday, 19 September 2006 at 4:16pm BST

In Peoria and throughout the Diocese of Quincy there are many neo-Nazi groups active today...addressing racism and crimes of hate are real life and death issues and that require a strong and inclusive ministry program keyed to anti-discrimination and anti-hate training...leadership within the every Parish fellowship and in our greater Episcopal Community is the key to supporting one another as we fight fear and hate as we welcome EVERYONE to the Episcopal Church.

Everyone means everyone including the hatemongers too.

Posted by: Leonardo Ricardo on Wednesday, 20 September 2006 at 3:10am BST

Leonardo Ricardo on Wednesday, 20 September 2006 at 3:10am BST

This posting really seems to me to go to the heart of things, in both senses. A clarion call not to allow church poltics to distract us from seeing what's going on, 'on the ground' and seeking to address it, spiritually & practically (forgive the dubious distinction!).

I also enjoy the various thoughts on whether size matters. But it is clear from this, that while many of us appreciate a big one (diocesan structure) -- Leonardo's reminder that it's what we do with it --is really salutory. I guess that is also the serious moral of all the shanannigans in and around ECUSA a the moment.

my analysis

Size Matters

Duncan and Iker feel underendowed ("It ain't fair".)

Akinola is very well endowed (" -but I wan an even bigger one than Williams...")

They just know they are going to be put in the shade by Jefferts Schorri

Williams has the biggest of the lot --
& either doesn't realise it yet, or is unsure of its possibilities (" wonder what I'm supposed to be doing with this ?....")

+ Nihil Obstat
+ Impriamtur

Posted by: laurence roberts on Wednesday, 20 September 2006 at 10:30am BST

Any further developments, I wonder ?

Posted by: laurence roberts on Thursday, 21 September 2006 at 11:31pm BST
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