Monday, 21 December 2009

Uganda: today's news reports

The Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan has issued a statement, via his press office:

“Whatever one’s standpoint on same sex relationships, the private members motion for an Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is unacceptable. It could lead to the legitimising of violence against gay and lesbian people which is totally against what Lambeth 1.10 agreed in 1998 and its proposal for capital punishment against such people is barbaric.”

On the other hand another report from Wales shows that Stephen Green has a different view.

Warren Throckmorton reports Uganda National Pastors Task Force Against Homosexuality demand apology from Rick Warren. This task force claims to represent among others The Roman Catholic Church in Uganda (but not the [Anglican] Church of Uganda).

Reuters reports Ugandan gay community says prejudice to become law.

New Vision reports Govt defends need to legislate on homosexuality.

Voice of America reports Africa’s Anti-Gay Laws Spark Accusations and Denials in US.

ACNA has issued a statement. Read ACNA speaks out on Uganda anti-homosexuals bill. And also from Episcopal CafĂ© read Don Armstrong’s silence, and other news on that anti-homosexuals bill.

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The Warren Throckmorton piece is chilling. The Ugandan clergy seem inclined to believe any lie the Ugandan press sees fit to print.

Posted by: BillyD on Monday, 21 December 2009 at 11:57pm GMT

The disconnect between the meditations [O Oriens etc]and the news from Uganda - and the lack of news from Lambeth ... astonishing.

Posted by: Cynthia Gilliatt on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 at 12:56am GMT

"Speaking from his home in Pen-y-Bont, near Carmarthen. (Stephen) Green said: "As a Christian I agree with the death penalty and I don't see why infecting someone with HIV should be treated in any other way than if you killed someone with a knife. It is extraordinary to think it is OK to infect someone else with HIV and get away with it"

This 'Christian' from Wales does sound rather barbaric - and certainly not the sort of person to sit in a court of law - in a country other than Uganda or Nigeria. I don't know what sort of justice his 'Christian' friends in Wales would dispense if they were catch someone innocaently kissing in a public place - execution I would think!

However, to assuage Mr Green's obvious need for blood, I can tell him that in New Zealand, any person who knowingly affects another person with HIV is subject to the fullest penalty of the Law -which is imprisonment - not death!

Gays are not all carriers of HIV. Nor is HIV an exclusively 'gay' disease. I wonder what Mr Green would recommend as right punishment for the more common problem of transmitting the heterosexual venereal diseases which seem to so afflict the young of every country in the world, including Wales? If his recommendations were carried out, this would wreak even more damage than the awful anti-gay legislation he supports in Uganda.

Mr Green, and the so-called "Christians' he seems to represent need to do a bit more hermeneutic homework on their Bible passages.

Posted by: Father Ron Smith on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 at 5:03am GMT

Pope Benedict met the Uganda president and gave him advice on agriculture....

Posted by: Spirit of Vatican II on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 at 8:45am GMT

"Speaking from his home in Pen-y-Bont, near Carmarthen. (Stephen) Green said: "As a Christian I agree with the death penalty and I don't see why infecting someone with HIV should be treated in any other way than if you killed someone with a knife. It is extraordinary to think it is OK to infect someone else with HIV and get away with it"

Quite. The charge here is "knowingly or negligently infecting someone with HIV".

What does that have do to with homosexuality?
That's a bit like saying that in order to prevent wives or husbands beating up their spouse we'd better jail all married men.

I don't mind people holding unpopular views, but applying a little bit of logic would be desirable!

Posted by: Erika Baker on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 at 3:12pm GMT

Gee I've really been enjoying those Advent antiphon bits, so thanks lots.

I know that the latest round of Uganda antigay news is just about as rabidly horrible and flat earth determined as we see or hear these days. In the long run, however, I think the darkness involved in traditional flat earth thinking about death penalties, queer folks, and similar Anglican discernments must simply be revealed in the white hot glaring light of reason and common sense, let alone believer pilgrimage and Jesus Freak Values.

The Christian right loves to deny that it hold any animosity, let alone rank hostility, toward queer folks; yet all of the Uganda news demonstrates otherwise, along with the clearly ambivalent waffling of the prominent USA conservative leaders who are now partly reaping in Uganda, precisely what their views have sown. The conservative Africans have decoded the USA religious right leadership and preachments, understanding that the message is, obviously: Queer folks are cockroaches. That name calling connotes the Rwandan Massacres, so chilling indeed, yet truthful, apt.

Occasions like this give us good chances to sort ourselves out differently as Anglicans; and surely the handwriting is on the New Covenant Walls if Rowan Williams or anybody else at the now elevated Standing Committee is bothering to look ahead. (My guess? Not. RW and the others will suddenly as it were, find themselves painted into a new, centralized, conformed, and smelly antigay global communion - de facto following the likely leads of Minns, Noll, and others who aspire to benefit from whatever mean things they can drum up against those handy targets, queer folks? Deliciously, Uganda queer folks are among the most vulnerable, so make the most sadistically rewarding targets. Ssempa cannot distinguish between rape and a whole other continuum of decent Uganda queer folks living through dating to pairbonding, any more than he bothers to mind how legalized ratfinking on Ugandan family and friends will damage people. These pat traditionalisms are fine clues.)

The Copernicus-Galileo-Bruno lesson continues, painfully. Lord have mercy.

Posted by: drdanfee on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 at 10:19pm GMT

Yes it's all 'the disconnects' in Christian theory and praxis that make so difficult to live with

Posted by: Rev L Roberts on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 at 10:37pm GMT
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