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more reports on Global South Encounter 4

Bill Bowder Church Times Trumpet blast from the Global South

Andrew Gerns Episcopal Café Thus spake the Global South

Lionel Deimel Listening to the Trumpet

Mark Harris Some good stuff from the Global South Encounter. Where there is good, praise it.

Posted by Simon Sarmiento on Saturday, 24 April 2010 at 6:03pm BST | TrackBack
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The communiqué says TEC and ACoC does "discredit to our witness" and in a way they do, not accepting that the self styled Global South speaks Christ's Gospel or have a reasonable view of the Bible, or even cite truthful translations of the same...

Posted by: Göran Koch-Swahne on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 5:30am BST

"If the Archbishop of Canterbury were to be consistent with his thinking, he would be saying that schism is the worse sin because it breaks up the body and tears branches from the vine. An Elizabethan Catholic approach would require that these bishops (GS) remain in Communion with us - precisely because we differ: because our only unity is found in Christ."
- Andrew Gerns, Leading Article, Episcopal Cafe -

Andrew Gerns' thoughts here might be consonant with those of many of us - who never wanted to be separate from anyone else in the Communion, but the circumstances have been such that the G.S. Provinces and their supporters in North America (who have already expressed their contempt for the rest of us by refusing to continue to be in our broader setting of inclusivity) are adamant in their separating out from us.

We can surely all see the dilemma in which the ABC finds himself. After the complicity of his predecessor (George Carey) with the Re-Asserters, the role of peacemaker was all but extinguished for Canterbury. Rowan was elected for his broader vision of the Communion, but has been sequestered by his responsibility to both sides of the present conflict. Conservatives in the UK have pressured him to take a more cautious path than he might have wanted to pursue, and the resultant 'ganging-up' on him by certain African Primates with ambitions to take over the leadership of the Communion have had an effect.

We do, though, all need to consider what might have happened had Archbishop Carey carried on as ABC. Also, what might have been the effect of his rival for the post (Bishop Nazir-Ali)'s election as ABC. Anglicans around the world would have been influenced towards the exclusivist policies of the Global South, and the Communion would have been split up long since.

Whatever we may think of Abp.Rowan's leadership; it has not been without the charism of prayerful spirituality that we should be able to expect of our Leader. Unlike Carey, he has not pursued his own agenda, but has sought to be a bridge between Evangelicals and Liberal Catholics - hoping that, in due time, we would be able to better understand our situation as 'Via Media', which has always been our calling as an international Communion of Provincial Churches.

Whatever comes out of the present conflict, we must not lose our nerve; but 'by prayer and supplication', seek the mind of Christ as to how we all might best bring the freedom of the Gospel into our diverse communities - with integrity and faith - bringing Christ's redeeming love into the part of the world in which we are called to serve.

We must not imitate the culture of those who want to fracture the Church on the basis of their own perceived 'holiness'. Rather we will seek to carry out, humbly, the mission of Christ in our own context and environment, while allowing others to do what they see as their own mission, in theirs.

Christ is risen, Alleluia!
He is risen indeed, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Posted by: Father Ron Smith on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 8:11am BST

A simple question. Why, in all their fulminations against the "West" does the C of E (or for that matter the other Anglican Churches in the U.K.)get a free pass? Same-sex unions among clergy in England are known to exist and same-sex blessings take place. There are gay bishops. So why does North America get all the abuse? I assume it's because they can't get property and interfere so easily in the U.K. for legal reasons. Or is it because they can't openly call for the replacement of the C of E, which would be a full attack on +Rowan, who they still try to manipulate? Or is it just because the C of E practices a "don't ask, don't tell" Christianity that satisfies them? If so, the GS would rather support lies than truth. Is this what we want for the Communion? We've been there and done that and can't go back. We don't have to look far to see the damage done by lies and cover-ups. Just wondering.

Posted by: Adam Armstrong on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 12:14pm BST

Just to clarify-I'm not suggesting that being gay or having gay clergy has anything at all to do with sexual abuse, paedophilia, etc. These are entirely different issues, especially when the issue of official clerical celibacy is considered. I am saying that a culture of deception, especially for public consumption, is unhealthy.

Posted by: Adam Armstrong on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 12:25pm BST

Reading each of these articles as a whole is interesting. The pattern of the article in the The Church Times seems to reflect a concern with the issue of a GS restructuring of the communion so as to place control in the hands of the GS and theology and discipline in the hands of the primates. For the U.S., the lack of democracy in this new structure is at best unappealing, but for the CofE, I wonder, is there an echo here of praemunire? By contrast, the emphasis in some of the comments coming from the US, is the concern with issues so "fundamental" as to endanger salvation. Read with US or Canadian eyes, the GS has made the issue of homosexuality "core" doctrine. The "Trumpet" again replaces Windsor's word "regret" with "repentance." Those who practice it and those who do not condemn those who practice it are sinners to be cast out for the sake of the community.

Dar-es-Salaam, so often revisited by the GS, also called for a "hermeneutics" project. This might have helped. Pity it never seemed to get off the ground.

Posted by: EmilyH on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 1:04pm BST

Adam, there are no fundamentalist millionaires paying big bucks to break up the CoE.

Posted by: JPM on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 2:24pm BST

"Why ..... does the C of E ...... get a free pass?" In large part because the American Right is not bankrolling many of those in the forefront of the attack on the Canadian and US Churches to attack the Church of England, Adam Armstrong.

Posted by: Lapinbizarre on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 4:12pm BST

One is brought to remember 1 Corinthians 13:1

"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” KJV

Standing apart, holding forth a raised palm and proclaiming empty threats based in pique is no sign of charitable love for one’s brothers and sisters in Christ.

The hypocrisy would be laughable if not so serious. "We may violate communion-wide agreements and take property not belonging to us because we are right!" says the Global South, “Yet you must crawl to us in the dust repenting of your choices before we will agree to be in the same room with us again!”

Nonsense. The Global Southrons are no trumpet but rather a noisome irritant. Let us separate and say a blessing on each other as we part.

Very few in the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, and I would venture to say in most Western Anglican churches would accept that salvation is tied to holding to rightwing orthodoxy. Salvation is God’s gift through Christ and God does not seek the permission of Akinola, Orombi, or any other primate in order to grant that salvation.

Your hubris is staggering, gentlemen, and no one, I think could make a better case against acceptance of the “Covenant” than you have by your shenanigans whilst on holiday in the balmy islands. Go away.

Posted by: Priscilla Cardinale on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 5:53pm BST

Christian Fundamentalism in the Global South conference and Fascism are joined together. These are dangerous human beings. I hope Rowan Williams will ultimately do the right thing and see the danger in their core philosophy. I don't imagine it will take too much longer before we know the answer.

Posted by: Chris Smith on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 7:44pm BST

EmilyH: the hermeneutics project did get off the ground, and it has the potential to be very exciting. It's called the Bible and Life project and you can find out about it here:

Posted by: MrsBarlow on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 10:05pm BST

So "no fags" is right up there with belief in the Resurrection, the Incarnation, Salvation by Faith, and the Trinity.
Where do you suppose our omniscient and divinely inspired primates will insert that into the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds?
They'll have to insert it somewhere into the Gospels too.

Posted by: counterlight on Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 10:25pm BST

We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.
We look for the elimination of sexual perverts, the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.
Coming to an Orthodox Anglican church near you?

Posted by: peterpi on Monday, 26 April 2010 at 7:33am BST

The trumpet looks more like a damp squib.

We know a lot of Global South primates are vehemently opposed to any association with liberal Anglicans, especially in North America. We know they have broken communion with liberals, refused to attend the Lambeth Conference, boycotted the Standing Committee. No change there.

The Global South Encounter was, in fact, a conservative encounter, an invitation only event from which dissenting voices were excluded (you had to sign up to the Ridley-Cambridge draft of the Covenant as a condition of attending) and to which conservatives were invited regardless of geographical origin. It is hard to place Archbishops Jensen or Duncan in the Global South.

Hence, the rhetoric, being neither new nor representative, is hardly significant, aggressive and partial though it was.

What I expected was some action. I expected outright rejection of the current draft of the Anglican Covenant. But it didn't happen. I expected outright secession from the Instruments of Communion. But that didn't happen either.

Posted by: badman on Monday, 26 April 2010 at 11:37am BST

Superb post by Father Ron Smith, and a profoundly true quote of Andrew Gerns in Episcopal cafe:

"An Elizabethan Catholic approach would require that these bishops (GS) remain in Communion with us - precisely because we differ: because our only unity is found in Christ."

Our unity, our communion, is in Christ alone - who are we, then, to break that communion... but rather, we should seek unity in diversity, and a sort of New Elizabethan settlement, based as you say on prayer and gracious love and respect for the faith integrity of one another.

The great genius of the Anglican Church over the centuries has been the way it has afforded space for grace, and for communion in diversity, avoided the controlling rigidities of sectarianism.

The communion needs to afford space for grace - and this implies not controlling one another, but each person, each church, walking the way of the cross, with integrity, and according to conscience, allowing the grace and peace of God to gently invade us, to grow us, to draw us towards the perfection we find in Christ alone.

The human church will never be perfect. Therefore much grace and compassion is needed. Grace to share in communion even with those of differing views - because we are one in Christ.

Posted by: Susannah Clark on Monday, 26 April 2010 at 3:47pm BST

[Quoted in the Church Times piece] "These Churches had continued “their defiance as they set themselves on a course that contradicts the plain teaching of the Holy Scriptures on matters so fundamental that they affect the very salvation of those involved”."

I don't get why the GS folk to don't see that the meme "the plain teaching of the Holy Scriptures" is a NONSENSICAL NON-STARTER. There is NO such thing as a "plain teaching", ONLY ***varying interpretations*** as anyone w/ a high school education OUGHT to be able to (um) plainly see!

How are we supposed to take the GS (bishops!) seriously, when their whole basis is built on thin air? O_o

Posted by: JCF on Monday, 26 April 2010 at 8:00pm BST

The GS bishops are consumed by their own power. It is this power that is corrupting them. They do not preach the love of Jesus but instead the doctrine of hatred and exclusion. They ignorant but they are also dangerous, even to themselves.

Posted by: Chris Smith on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 at 2:28am BST

Fr Ron,

Thank you for your commendation. Not everything coming out of Singapore is bad. They like us seek to obedient to God's Will and Call in the place we are at.

For many of us this will be in many different places, and cultures, which can vary within one country. For example in the small island of the United Kingdom we have many different cultures at work. I was brought up in England, of Welsh stock, and find the Scottish episcopal church very different to my beloved church of England.

Personally as a priest, who by birth is Gay, I very much seek the inclusive view of the church, as God in Christ has created and called me to Priesthood, as I am.

Love and prayers,

Fr John (Scotland)

Posted by: Fr John on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 at 9:00am BST

"It is hard to place Archbishops Jensen or Duncan in the Global South. - 'badman', on Monday -

I don't know about 'Bishop' Duncan of ACNA, although he is certainly linked, philosophically with the G.S. religious purity brigade.

However, the part of Australia that Abp. Jensen lives, in (Sydney, NSW), is certainly in the Southern Hemisphere - a fact that we in New Zealand, to the E. of Sydney, do regret. However, the majority of Australasians (AUS & NZ), though geographically 'Global South', certainly do not aspire to the empire-building philosophy of the G.S.A Re-Asserters. Contrarily, most of us want Peace in the Church - with everyone else - to get on with the life-enhancing ministry of the gospel.

Posted by: Father Ron Smith on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 at 11:22pm BST

have you seen Archbishop Jensen's thoughts on the Singapore meeting on the GAFCON site?? rather depressing reading...and at the end the suggestion that the "orthodox" in liberal tending provinces need to gird their loins for departure to a "purer" environment.

Posted by: Perry Butler on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 at 5:53pm BST

New story from Canada, i.e, Canadians should havet the courage of their convictions and not approve the covenant.

Posted by: Rod Gillis on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 at 6:10pm BST

Yes Perry, the thoughts can be found at

Posted by: Simon Sarmiento on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 at 11:05pm BST

"You see what you must realise is this: the current issues that defy us are not peculiar to America or to Canada. They are prevalent in England, in Wales, in Scotland, in Australia, in New Zealand, it’s everywhere in the Western world. It’s become the way of life for the media, for the military, for business enterprise, for politicians. So the problem’s been entrenched throughout the Western world."
- former ABP. Peter Akinola, G.S. website -

'Current issues that DEFY US'? Rather an inflated sense of his own authority in the Anglican setting
No surprise, then, about Nigeria's former Primate in his summation of the situation of Anglicanism from his point of view - and the point of view of many others in the 'Global South'. This blatantly anti-Western mind-set is indicative of the sort of ex-colonial unwillingness to move into the 21st century, that marks out the Re-Asserters in this particular gathering of 'Anglican' thinkers.

Abp. Akinola was one of the prime movers of the disastrous resolution of Lambeth 1:10, and the coercion of the then ABC Dr. Carey into the ranks of homophobes in the Communion has brought the Anglican Communion into this present impasse. Akinola's comments on the ineffectiveness of the latest Covenant document issued by the A.C.O. is testimony to his desire to mould the Communion's future on his own vision of 'sola scriptura' exclusivism - without the benefit of the modern scholarship that defies his in-built aversion to any ongoing practice of hermeneutical exploration.

God forbid that the Communion should dance to his tune - which is the setting of pre-enlightenment rhetoric, and not upon the ongoing revelation of the Holy Spirit in today's Church. Despite his fine words about 'communion' , Akinola is set on the division of the Church according to his own understanding of God as Judge, rather then the more Gospel-orientation of Christ as Redeemer.

My feeling is that, if Global South wants to do its own thing, then they should be 'let go', so that the rest of us can get on with the task of redemption, bringing "Good News to the Poor, Sight to the Blind, and Freedom to the Captives", which is the call of the Gospel. This is the message of the Reformation - not the ephemera of self-righteousness, but the reality of our own inability, without God, to do anything good.

Christ is risen, Allelluia!
He is risen indeed. Alleluia, Alleluia!

Posted by: Father Ron Smith on Thursday, 29 April 2010 at 12:03am BST

"and it really means that the leadership of the vast majority of the Anglican Communion regards itself as being in communion with ACNA and out of fellowship with the other North Americans. This was symbolized by the part played by Archbishop Bob Duncan at the conference, especially when he presided at Holy Communion. Furthermore the welcome accorded to the two bishops from the Communion Partners demonstrated the Global South commitment to Biblical standards as a test of fellowship."

- Abp. Peter Jensen, GAFCON Secretary -

Having discreetly announced that he was at the recent GSE4 as an 'onlooker' and not privy to the plenary discussions of the Primates of the G.S., Jensen has now revealed his own thinking on the future of the Global South movement - which is inevitably moving towards separation from the rest of us in the Communion.

When Jensen speaks of the 'vast majority of the Anglican Communion' regarding itself as 'being in communion with ACNA', he is hardly speaking of the largest number of Provinces, but rather the 'bums on seats' number of converts in the African and Asian provinces, together with his own island of evangelical believers in the Sydney Diocese. Not even the Church of England has yet accepted that ACNA is 'persona grata' within the Communion.

I think that Abp. Jensen is so much enamoured of the G.S. philosophy that he has been brain-washed into believing that they have already secured the moral high-ground within the Communion - to the extent that their dismissal of Canterbury and Lambeth has automatically earned G.S. the right to take over the reins. Nothing could be further from the reality - which is that world-wide Anglicanism has matured beyond the exclusivist ethos of Sola Scriptura theology, into the more eirenic ethos of renewal; into an incarnational understanding of Christ in the Gospel.

Another feature of Abp. Jensen's theology which ought to bring a note of caution into the hearts and minds of his G.S. colleagues, is this protty prelate's revolutionary fervour for Lay-Presidency at the Eucharist - not to mention his misogynistic fear of women in leadership. This will not mix well with some of his more spiky friends in ACNA.

Posted by: Father Ron Smith on Thursday, 29 April 2010 at 11:40am BST
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