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Saturday before Lent

Steve Parish writes in the Guardian about women bishops: All her own work:

We’ve had Anglican women bishops for many years, but the “mother” church will have to wait. The report, Women Bishops in the Church of England? goes to the general synod this month to start a process that, even with a fair wind, will take five years of debate, consultation, legislation and parliamentary approval before royal assent could be given to such ordinations.

There’s time to look afresh at fundamental issues, as the report claims that it “takes nothing for granted”. That’s not strictly true. It does assume that Junia – described, with Andronicus, as “prominent among the apostles” in Paul’s letter to the Romans – was female. So outrageous was that to many commentators (even today) that they argued that it must be a textual error for the masculine “Junias”. Or it is argued that the translation should mean that Junia was “well-known to the apostles” – but not one of them.

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about an event that has not yet happened, in The death of the Pope.

Robert Fox writes in The Tablet about Iraq, The long march continues.
So also does Jonathan Sacks in The Times, True faith speaks in the voice of reason.

In the American journal Commonweal, an American RC priest writes about the expected statement from the Vatican about homosexuals in the priesthood, A Gay Priest Speaks Out.

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J. C. Fisher
19 years ago

I would think that the reason Rome now bans gay priests from speaking out, is that it would reveal that it is the self-affirming homosexual priest who (be he committed to celibacy) is *least* likely to prey upon youth! “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”

Alan Harrison
Alan Harrison
19 years ago

I was impressed by the article by the Roman Catholic priest. Interestingly, not so long ago, RCs used to think homosexuality was “le vice anglican”. I remember a Roman Catholic colleague remarking to me back in the 1970s, “At least when our lot get into a scandal, it’s with a woman.” More recently, a feature of Roman Catholic life in England which has gone almost unobserved is the influx of gay former Anglicans since the C of E decided to ordain women. RC attention has tended to focus on the married priests who have “swum the Tiber”, but even within… Read more »

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