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primates meeting: Friday

British press coverage this morning:

Press Association Church Tells Pro-Gay Anglicans to ‘Consider Position’
Reuters Anglicans Face Temporary Split in Gay Row
Guardian Church faces schism today
The Times Anglicans ready to split over gay bishop
Independent Gay row forces split with North American Anglicans
Telegraph Anglicans give ultimatum to pro-gay liberals

Audio of first report on BBC Today Programme at 0632 listen here (3 minutes)
Second report at 0709 listen here (6 minutes) – interviews with Steven Charleston and Philip Giddings
Third report at 0810 listen here (6 minutes) interview with Peter Carnley

BBC reports
Anglican rift grows over gay row
BBC Analysis: Anglican schism nears reality
Can Anglican rift be resolved? invites comments from the public. Thinking Anglicans encourages you to comment to the BBC.

New York Times Anglican Leaders Seek Move to Avoid Schism
Los Angeles Times U.S., Canada Churches Urged to Leave Key Anglican Council

Canadian responses:
A Statement from the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Journal Primates move to sanction North American churches

American response:
Primates’ Meeting Communiqué – From the Presiding Bishop:

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19 years ago

Here’s how I commented to the Beeb. I just don’t think I need to apologise for being a proud gay Anglican. I’m a cradle-Episcopalian for crying out loud. A little levity is in order, maybe. Yeah, a childish song, we sang this at church camp when I was a kid. So I am exercising my right so to do. I Am An Anglican Tune: “God Bless America” I am an Anglican, I am P.E. (Protestant Episcopal) I’m not High Church, nor Low Church, But I’m Protestant, and Catholic and free! Not a Presby, not a Luth’ran Not a Baptist, white… Read more »

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