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primates meeting: later reports

updated Friday evening

ACNS picture of the press briefing here
Anglican rift grows over gay row (This story has now been updated to reflect the briefing)
Anglicans deny gay clergy split
Q&A: Anglican church split
Associated Press
Anglican Leaders Ask U.S. to Leave Council
and, later Archbishop: Anglicans Could Face Division
The Times
Archibishop acknowledges the Church may split
Should the Anglican Church split over homosexuals?
Lesbian and gay Anglicans deny schism
Belfast Telegraph
Gay issue widening Anglican divisions
Anglican Church Divisions Over Gays Widens
North American Anglicans Defend Gay Policies
In Anglican Report, There’s Something for Everyone, Once Again

Further American responses from ENS
A word from the Presiding Bishop
Anglican primates uphold unity in response to Windsor Report

CTV No ruling on Anglican church withdrawal: official

Further Canadian response via Anglican Journal
Church sanctions could have been worse: primate

Request from Primates’ Meeting is not an enforceable decision – Bishop of Cork

Reports filed before the briefing:
Press Association Church Warned over Stance on Homosexuality
Sydney Morning Herald Sex drives wedge in Anglican ranks
Associated Press Anglican Leaders Seek Split Over Gay Issue

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Laban Tall
19 years ago

I was looking for up to date coverage of Synod and found your excellent site. Though I may not agree with your outlook on a number of issues, this is the best resource I’ve found for up to date coverage of Anglican affairs.

19 years ago

Thank you for your coverage, which is a fine ministry to us all. What troubles me in all this is the failure of the ecumenical spirit. If we can sit with people of other Christian traditions (Orthodox, Baptist, whomever) to talk and pray, it seems strange that we cannot sit together in international Anglicanism’s only synodical international body – the Consultative Council. Archbishop Ndungane, in his statement of 26 Feb offers a refreshing voice of sanity and hope.

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