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primates meeting: more newspaper articles

icCheshireOnline Call for moral crusade as Church heads for split

Anthony Howard in The Times The Church should be about doctrine, not majority votes

Chris McGillion in the Sydney Morning Herald Anglicans must accept moral diversity to protect universality

Muriel Porter in the Melbourne Age Anglicans postpone their schism

Boston Globe Bishop says gap is closing over gays in Anglican church

New Vision Uganda Orombi okays gay debate in Church

Colin Slee in the Guardian The price of unity is too high

New Orleans Times-Picayune Bishop urges new route out of crisis

Simon Jenkins in The Times Schism would be better than giving way to intolerance

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Robert Leggat
Robert Leggat
19 years ago

Any fair-minded person would I think find Colin Slee’s piece deeply disappointing and somewhat nasty. That anyone can present the two extremes as, on one hand, the abhorrence towards any idea of accommodation towards homosexual people, and on the other, the cry for justice, etc. suggests to me that he is as dogmatic and, from the way he comes over in this article, as unpleasant as he claims the non-liberals to be. His attack on Rowan Williams, must leave the Archbishop of Canterbury quite depressed. Rowan Williams needs the prayers of all Christians, whatever stance they might take. Sad also… Read more »

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