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In The Times Bishop Basil of Sergievo writes the Credo column: His presence in Man can make gods of us all.

Richard Chartres writes in the Guardian about Bonhoeffer: a martyr for our collective soul.

Two views on the Pope: in the Independent Catherine Pepinster editor of the Tablet asks Do we really need this spectacle of the dying? and in the Telegraph Christopher Howse has Warm embrace for Sister Death.

The Guardian also has Colin Morris on Jerry Springer – the Opera in Jerry’s last judgment.

Another Times column discusses the forthcoming memorial service for Gypsies: Shunned victims of the ‘forgotten Holocaust’.

Keith Ward writes in the Tablet about Resurrection and Science in The quantum leap.

The Church Times editorial this week reminds us about Jim Callaghan’s gift to the Church of England, but last week’s Easter leader. should also not be missed.

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19 years ago

I agree with Catherine Pepinster, though I admire John Paul’s example of endurance and have benefited from it (for I have physical hassles myself). Jesus endured a public death, the terror of which was open to all. Is it the gift of God that our deaths, whenever possible, should be surrounded by intimacy and peace?

As the daily office of Compline (prayer at the end of the day) says, “The Lord almighty grant us a quiet night and a perfect end.”

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